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How does the crit work?


Hi…I’m really confused how the crit works.

For eample from my observation

  1. My Thoradolosaur has 40% crit chance but it’s quite rare to get the crit. Statistically, my Thor get crit every one bite from of 6-7 bites.

  2. I use ‘Ready to Crush’ with my Tryostronix. Yes it hits hard but the increased crit chance mostly never works. It is just normal high damage.

  3. Also On the other hand, I fight against Stegodeus, I got crit from rampage, even though Stego has only 5% crit chance. This happens often strangely.

  4. Utarinex is another example. This creature has only 5% crit chance, but mostly my dino often dies from crit’s ‘Impact and Run’ or ‘Distracting rampage’. How possibly can “5% crit chance” deliver critical damage so often? Weird?

This does not make any sense.
Is it possible that there is another unknown factor used to create the crit chance?

Crit chance vs. Crit reality

It’s really just poor algorithms from what I’ve heard. It’s very bizarre.


Well, Ludia have their ways…


it is really simple actually.

Ludia has poor programmers that use a crappy algorithm and we are all dumb enough to give them money for it.


5% critical chance = a random number generator rolls a number between 1 and 100. If its between 1 and 5, you get a crit. That goes for everything else.


Now, I know that for the people using dinos, it never crits enough - and for the people facing certain dinos, it crits all the time, but… when a 5% chance to crit dino hits 3 times in one battle? and a 60% dino (while chance is boosted) doesn’t? Or a 30% dino hits 3 out of 4 times? Or a 40% hits 4 for 4?

Things just feel out of whack.

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@Rantz, how on earth did you change your forum name, bro? Been trying to do that to no avail… Sorry for derailing the thread, by the way…


It kinda seems like all the dinos have an even number of crit working for me. It’s all about once every 10 times I feel. I don’t even pay attention or rely on the crit percentage anymore. Means nothing.

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I frequently get 90% stuns regardless of dino and 75% crits regardless of dinos.

Tonight I lost against one dino because each attack on me was a crit. Didn’t matter the dino I was using. One attack against me equaled one crit. Each crit was a one shot kill.

There simply is no excuse for this kind of stuff. The game has become just a bunch of cheap shots. Nothing more.