How does the dino team work?


I cant understand how it works.You have 8 spaces for dinosaurs but in battle You can use 4 random dinosaurs.WHY? Its annoying


Yeah the RNG aspect seems completely unnecessary


Sort of works

So the team can’t be stacked - in the last couple of days the arena has been dominated by what I can only assume are BOTS.


There isn’t so you better choose a variety of good dinosaurs in order to make your team versatile. Its actually a decent counter to players who have only one or two decent dinosaurs. It balances the game by giving everyone a chance - even if you don’t have just one or two overleveled dinosaurs. Top 300 has indominus rexes in it and i rather not spend the entire arena fighting them… So thanks for the random dino matchmaking. It really is a good working system if you think about it. Just make sure your dino team is decently leveled.

Im top 500 currently and my team literally consists of rares and commons; only one epic. Even with this team i slaughter legendary decks which still outlevel me slightly. My minimum level is now 15 and ranges to 19. Most decks in this arena are almost always 16-17+.