How does the new spawning work?

Title says it all I don’t really understand the new darting

there are two different ranges of spawns.
Short range: a 30 meter radius around you.
Long range: anything outside the short range (30 meter) radius

Short range spawns will have a higher chance to spawn epic creatures. Due to this distinction, scents are going to be changed to not draw in short range specific creatures like the new Para Lux. Anything that is now a short range specific creature will have to be hunted and tracked down.

I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that. If they wanted you to have a smaller chance of getting epics from scents, they have the power to set spawn rates for every dino from scents, right? But I guess some scents (normal, large, giga, rare, epic) pull directly from the local spawn rates.

i have a feeling this is just to test the waters for future spawn changes since we are getting so many creatures now. If i know i can scent for X creatures and i wont get Y creatures because they are excluded due to range I’ll have a better chance of getting X creatures. Then there’s the option of future range specific scents on the market. (which honestly, i’m all for if we are never getting coin sales for HC again)


I’m a bit confused. Which creatures will we get from giga scents? Long range or short range?

Also, can short range spawns happen when you aren’t walking any kind of distances, say, sitting at home?

Scents pull from long range

Yes, but they seem to happen at specific locations, and replace themselves every so often. I happen to live in range of one of these spots, so when I turn on the game there’s usually a creature at a particular spot within 30m of me.

Does this mean that some creatures won’t appear unless we’re right on top of them or am I reading that wrong?


Well the only way we can get the close proximity spawns is by standing on top of them and then they appear, so unfortunately I think Parasaurolophus Lux will not be able to be spotted from ages away, but instead it basically comes down to luck if you are standing on top of the right place or not.

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So, they will move epics to short range spawns. Got luck getting them.

Don’t like this change at all. They are introducing it at wrong time.

Not so sure I like the sound of this change at all. Not really sure what’s the point of it?


Wait, these changes have already been made?

Not yet, but in the patch notes

Ok, it’s just that you said “they seem to happen” so I thought u meant they already started the different spawn distances

Ah that part was referring to how spawning seems to work right now, where there are given locations where a creature can spawn. Like at a certain corner by my house there’s always a dino that spawns at that specific location. THAT part is already in the game, but the short/long distinction is not. Sorry about the confusion.

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I don’t understand, does this mean that epics would never spawn long range?

Epics will still spawn long range. They will have increased spawns short range. The legendary will only spawn short range and can’t be drawn by scents.


That makes more sense. Thank you

Yes, thank you