How does the spawn mechanism for Epics/Rare work for you?


Earlier, most of the time I would see an Epic/Rare visible on my map/radar (within view range) and then go to that location to pick them up.
Recently, there have been more and more occurrences where the Epics/Rare do not appear on the map initially but spawn within your range when you walk over a particular spot on the map. Earlier this used to happen mainly for random commons when you walk over to a place where there are no dinosaurs.
Is this something new they have put for including a surprise aspect of stumbling upon them??


I think you’re just getting lucky.
There seems to have been an up-tick in rare and Epic spawns in the last few days though with the new crop of dinos being added. I suspect there’s correlation there.


The increase in spawns of rare/epics with the roster increasing is definitely good!

I understand the coincidence of a dinosaur spawning due to you being at the correct location at the correct time. But there have been lot of coincidences recently. Sometimes if you move away from the spot too fast, they dissappear too.


While there has been a slight uptick in epic/rare spawns here, There’s still barely any Carnotaurus. Lots of instances of amargasaurus, even Charlie and Delta, but still I’ve only seen one Carnotaur…


Probably just in the wrong biome.
I’ve seen a number of Carnos. Like I was saying in another thread where someone was asking about Megalos, I live at higher elevation away from large bodies of water. Maybe try finding somewhere similar to hunt for Carnos.

Oh! I’ve also only seen Carnos in the evening and early morning, so it’s possible they’re nocturnal.


These “walking reward” dinosaurs are spawning RNG … you might get an Epic, but other persons around you just Commons.

I haven’t noticed any change, getting some walking Epics/Rares every day (usually T-Rex, sometimes others like the Ankylo and Baryonyx today … or 2x Concav some other day).


How I felt when “migration” started:


How I feel today, after it’s gone back to the same old thing from before:


They need to get Roland back to cull a lot of the useless commons, like ophies and sarcs.