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How does this happen?

Not only have I come across a player with Dracoceratosaurus a day after it was released, it’s already maxed at level 30???
Your thoughts please.

The resources for obtaining it rained down from arena incubators (as well as tournaments). Not big surprise.


It’s easy to unlock Dracocerato for people that have been playing for ages. I instantly unlocked it when the update dropped.

I didn’t however continue fusing it because I see little point in it as i’m not likely to use it.


I’m a player who hasn’t spent a dime on the game, and has taken multiple breaks from it, all the while without any personal transport to go out hunting, and yet I managed to not only unlock Dracoceratosaurus instantly after the update, but level it up to 23, halfway to 24. My point is, it’s not that big of a deal.
A hardcore player could easily get it way higher.