How does this match up with ferocity


Some events might give you hard battles to think that you can’t beat them, but by getting a variety of creature types you can easily beat this with class advantage. Currently, to get a good variety, I’d work on herbivores, as they’re lacking.

Carnivores would be a more immediate problem, no?

Carnivores you can find anywhere, they’re insanely common in SG packs especially. Herbivores, wuhero and apato are kinda rare for me especially, so that’s why I’m focusing on herbivores instead of carnivores which are easily accessible by SG packs.

I don’t fully understand the question?

You mean the level of rival carnivores with respect to yours?

In that case everything indicates that it is based on your 3 vip, although most of your creatures are almost in that same range, the issue is that your carnivores are not in said top 3.

In this particular event (mods) that factor difference of ferocity goes to 2nd term many times, since with the mods (especially legendary) you can match or exceed the strength of the rival. 3 common carnivore lvl 1 with the clone mod could easily pass the event.

I can give you two tips:

Easily raise the Tyrannosaurus and Diplotator to level 30, which will not affect your ferocity.

I advise you to have more pterosaurs than herbivores - creating common hybrids and getting them to 40 like Labyrhintosaurus and Pelecanipteryx is not difficult for your level.

As @MIGUEL_ALEJANDRO_PAL says, if this is the modded event, you always find the AI brings a team with higher ferocity than you, you have to use your mods to overcome this.

His mods aren’t too tricky, so you should be able to boost your health and attack to overcome him. Can’t be more specific without seeing which mods you have.

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