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How exactly am I supposed to be progressing?


Okay so I’ve been playing since launch and I’m king of confused on what exactly it is I’m supposed to be doing to progress. I’m slowly grinding up player levels in the hopes that breeding actually does anything for me, am currently at player level 13 and stuck on level 21 in the tundra, my strongest and only team power is 2198 and all I am able to really do is just replay the same repeatable quests for eggs over and over in the hopes I’ll get some decent fodder dragons to level up my usable ones, and it’s really boring. I can only hatch green and red dragons though so those are really the only two of my dragons I can level up.

My team is only strong enough for the first two nodes of the daily quests and it seems that no matter how many dragons I dump into the ones on my team, they never really get all that stronger? So getting resources is painfully slow and tedious~ I don’t have enough gold or scales to level up my dragons (the gold thing is something I’ve seen a couple folks mention so I’m glad I’m not alone there)

So is this really what I’m supposed to be doing whenever I get stuck on a level on the main map? Just play the same repeatable egg quest for fodder dragons to pour into my main team? Or am I missing something? The game feels drastically unbalanced in terms of how quickly the enemies get stronger vs the player, at least in my personal case it does~

Any and all help or tips would be appreciated! I’m hoping I’m just dumb and missed something lmao because I really wanna like this game~


I was stuck for some time on some of the levels as well, and indeed, I did just grind the repeatable quests to improve existing dragons, as well as the daily scale quests. I played since launch as well, and am level 21, and in the “Wildlands” I believe it’s called, with a team of 3200, and again, am stuck on a level, and must grind eggs again. I’m not sure if its balanced the way they want it to be in the end, but that’s to be expected with a brand new game. I personally enjoy the challenge, and at least the gem combining makes some time pass.

*Edit: To add to the hatching dragons, the very first one, for uncommons, does NOT cost any scales to hatch a dragon, and as such, that is the only one I use, and it has chance of any of the 5 colors. And to add also to the breeder, when you do one of the breeder or duty quests (cant remember) gives you some decent dragons that are already 2/2 gold stars, which helped me immensely.


I’ve been playing about a week level 17 and 25 in area past tundra. I’ve found that I can beat higher powered levels easier than i expected. I can do 3rd node of quests pretty easily with sub 2500 dragon power despite it showing 3100 to fight against


Thanks for the tips! I personally am not too big of a fan of the “grind the same one level whenever your get stuck until you aren’t stuck anymore” idea as it doesn’t feel so much of a challenge as it does a cheap way to pad out game time by scaling enemies up way too quickly and forcing a grind, but you are right in that the game is new so probably has some balancing issues lol! That was sort of what I thought~


Good for you my dude :+1: glad things are going better for you than they are for me lol


First of all you must understand that this is a match-3 puzzle game with collectible element. This is not an RPG, not some kind of PvP or shooter game, where you actually have to progress.

That is - you either enjoy the match puzzle or you don’t. And you either enjoy the collectible part or you don’t. This isn’t the first nor the last game of its kind, and if you came here looking for something else, I won’t give you false hope.

Secondly - this is a raw release, there is no PvP, no clan activities yet, both normally give extra and fairly solid rewards. Essentially what you are doing is the most basic grind, and, to give credit to the devs - it’s so far enough, as Austin said.

I also was concerned by balancing between unlocking Hatchery and Breedery, I wrote a post about that, though it wasn’t about the grind, but rather because the resource utilization was limited back then. To TL;DR it - you indeed have a fairly limited gameplay until you unlock Breedery at 16, which doesn’t cost anything. If you are not leveling any reasonable 3* Purple\Red\Blue dragon… I don’t think you care for spoilers with that attitude, no offense, so just to cut it short - do NOT train 2* dragons of these colors until you unlock Breedery.

Once you unlock Breedery - the game gets a whole new level. In a way, Breedery is like a Basic\Premium draft for free every 2-4 hours for a hefty amount of fish. While you might not have the right 3* dragons to breed for a chance of 4*, chances are you can breed plenty of 2\3s hoping for a 3 hybrid. Hybrids are really powerful, so that’s something to look forward to.

I wouldn’t recommend you to upgrade the Hatchery, but you could use a Lvl4 Treasury before you start to train dragons. Maybe a level3 Fishery as well. Your gameplay generally revolves around farming Duties for Big Chests, I’d recommend rerolling the leveling quests and saving scales for training quests. If you get any fresh 2*s that you could later use for breeding - train them once you get a training Duty. You really must have the Duty quests maxed out, even if the last Duty quest is tedious - any free key is a free key.

Farm the repeatable quests, do them with Auto Match+Auto Skill if you have to, the game allows to automate it(upper right corner), just be careful that at some 5-10% chance the RNG may be extra middlefingery to you and you could lose if you afk during the quest.

As for the main progression - yes, it can get spiky, and not just spiky, but downright unbalanced spiky. There was some ~2400 fight that was harder than most 2400-2600 fights, and one 2600 that’s harder than anything above it.

To understand combat difficulty, you need to understand how combat works, and I think I’ll write a guide on that later, as explaining it here will take too long. Sufficed to say that until you get Breedery - you’d be better off farming Tundra.


I’m fully aware of what kind of game this is lol, I’ve played many matching + combat games! My main gripe was that the core of my progression revolves around grinding this same one mission over and over until my team was strong enough to advance on the main map which is what I found to be boring. Everything else I was enjoying up until the point where I got stuck and am still trying to grind out of after several days. I enjoy matching games but not when it’s the same one level over and over. That’s all I was saying~ And even then my issues stem entirely from the balancing issue on the main map so once that’s settled there shouldn’t be a problem!

And I also know this is a new game like I said in a previous reply, hence why I was voicing my thoughts on it lmao! Quite a few folks seem to be farther than I am so I was asking for tips and explaining where I was~ And I do appreciate the tips! I’m glad to know that the Breedery opens more things up!


same here, my team is around 2500 now and I can beat the 3100 quests but get wrecked fighting against a 2200 story opponent. Kind of frustrating


Jere is an example of what I used to get past level 3. Note, the team is now a bit over 2500


A lot of people are complaining about the Balancing issue, and in all honesty I think it was a bad move on Ludia to do this to the game. Yes during the early release it was almost Too easy to beat a team that was higher than yours (I could beat a 3500 team with a 3100 team) when they introduced the balancing issue all my dragons were lowered by 100-300 and I could no longer beat teams that were 100-300 higher than mine. Which was fine to a point, lowering my team that I’d worked hard on wasn’t fair (and many others who had this happen agreed too)

I really wish that hadn’t happened, because in a way it ruined the game for me. I’d worked so hard to level up my dragons, and all of a sudden It was like I had to completely start over.

And sadly the only thing I’ve seen that is an option is to either waste your enegery and keep trying, or just continue to do the repeatable egg quests. Ludia really needs to adjust the balancing issue again and improve it. Because they keep making it worse and wrose if you ask me.

Not to mention now there’s only ONE repeatable egg quest, where as before this recent update there was a couple of different choices, you could battle a different coloured team each time if you wanted to and had them unlocked.

I think getting rid of the boat has made it harder for gamers to collect eggs to upgrade their dragons.

I find it very annoying, and while yes it is a new game, it was MUCH better during the initial early release to Canadians and Australians, and I wish they could’ve kept it like that for everyone.