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How exactly are tournament battles matched?

Just wondering how tournament matchmaking works. Cause im using level 20-21 creatures and have yet to battle a creature under level 26. Matchmaking needs to be fixed!

This was a level 29 Miragia

This was a level 27 Paramoloch

Explain why the game would out match us like that?


Get your 10 takedowns and dueces! Don’t forget we got procerat coming up! Oh joy!

Basically I fight in these advantage tourneys for the 10 takedowns, unless if it’s a common only advantage, I’d keep going.

Because you are not using boosts, so you are just food for the whales, also i don’t belive there is mutch behind matchmaking other than just pick whoever is online at that moment

Not using boost should place him against lower level opponents with boost added or equal level opponents with some boost.

I play unboosted myself.


Trophies. The range seems to be 400 trophies. So when we all start someone with 1000 trophies can be matched with someone with 600 trophies or more.