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How EXACTLY does stealth work?

I still don’t understand exactly how the Stealth ability works. As I understand it, when a character or enemy has Stealth, it cannot be targeted by an attack unless there are no other possible targets for that specific attack (it can still get hit by attacks that target an entire zone though).

I’ve had multiple instances where a ranged basic attack was not available because the only creature in range had Stealth, and there was at least one creature out of range without Stealth, so I’m trying to figure out if this is a bug or if I’m misunderstanding the ability.

there is 2 versions of this:
the ranged version, which applies to the warlock, bard, wizard and archer is this:
if there is 2 enemy, and 1 has stealth. You CANNOT attack the stealthed enemy. NO MATTER WHAT. even if you can’t move because the stealth is on row 2 (you’re on row 1) and the other is out of range of your attacks. So the game FORCE you to skip your turn because you can’t move OR attack the stealth one, all of that because there is a measy archer on the back row.

Now melee is different:
If the 2 enemy are on row 2, you can’t attack the stealth one. BUT if the stealth is on row 2, and the non-stealth on row 3. You can attack the stealth one without a problem.

There isn’t any explanation in the updates, but this is what i’ve experienced in the games since update 5-6.

It used to be intelligent:
If your range character couldn’t hit anything else than the stealth in their personnal range, then you could attack it.
They added the “on the map” instead of “in range” for any ranged character.

Having Stealth work differently for different characters seems incredibly dumb but whatever. Thanks for the explanation!

I uses me shoeses to snoozes the stealth stooges. :boot: