How fair are Strike events


How fair are strike events for newer players? Went into strike event highest dino is an 11 how does a 11 win against a 20 or 21 level…one strike by a 20 did my 11 In…
I know people will comment wait til you have a higher level dino to do strike events but really how fair is that?


There are strike events for all levels - some you can’t do if you are low level (although with some of the swap in moves you may now have more chance) and some are an absolute borefest if you are high level. Something for everyone.


Well not every strike event has lvl 20 dinos.
I just encountered one with a level 20 flyer, but since I only had to kill 1 and he 3 of mine (average level about 12) that is still doable.


There are events for players of all levels. Play the ones you can do and enjoy. You’ll get to the higher level ones soon enough.


Like everyone else is saying, the orange strike towers are for higher levels. That way everyone has one they can enjoy. If you’re lower leveled, stick to the white and blue ones.


Fair enough i think. I play for 3 weeks and can finish 3 epic battle. Excep for brachio strike. It the thougest i had experoence.

“Take your time, it will come when you can finish that orange strike” i yell when i finish my 1st one. Yeah i did it. :joy::joy::joy:


Seeing also in the other side: how fair can be if the epic strike events are vincible for all, there will be rewards for all and people will start complaining that some rewards need to be addressed just to the higher players (like the ruckus for the wrong rewards given after the tournament end)

My dino team have an average of 18 and still I was not able to complete the Brachiosauro’s epic event (analizing the battle, beside a critical hit that killed me, I haven’t used the best strategy, so for me it is fair that I was not able to get the reward).

By the way,speaking about reward, Ludia is winking to the new players, putting the epic dna in the blue strike events, that it is awesome for the new players who can upgrade their team.

When the next epic strike event will appear, be sure to read here and in Metahub what are the best dinos who can counter the lev 30 opponent. You have four dinos to choose, and again, here it is different from the arena, when you have 8 in your roster and then RNG choose the 4 for the fight.

We are here ready to help you choose the 4 dinos with the best moveset in order to increase your chances to win. :wink:


I’m not sure I’d say that the high level orange towers are just for higher level players. My team was pretty much lvl 15 and 16 for the Brachiosaurus event, and lower for past ones. Only one I have been able to personally get past was the lvl 30 Indo. There is definitely some level needed, but much more I think it comes down to knowing the dino(s) you’re going up against and planning as best you can. Maybe it’s something you haven’t faced before…but hope isn’t lost. There’s a lot of info on individual dinosaurs at Metahub and some other sites. Just know what the opponents speed, dmg, health, and kit before delving in can make a huge difference…from selecting the right team to your starter for the fight, and just having a game plan in general! Yeah, you probably need at least a little more ummph in your dinos, but don’t forget to do your research as well. Just having that knowledge can easily be the difference between winning and losing =)


i am pretty sure that the reason there are progress incubators, one at the 3rd, 5th, 7th battle etc is so all levels can play and still get an incubator. i have actually gotten more epic out of a progress incubator then the final incubator.


Yeah, a lot of the strike events do have multiple stages with the chance for even newer players to get something from pretty much every strike event. I think the ones in question here, though not specifically stated originally, are the legendary strike events that have one high level creature in them (the 22 Brachiosuar, the 30 Indoraptor, etc) which can be really daunting if you’re newer or don’t have a team that can handle them with much ease.


My highest dino is level 16 and I have never lost to a gold epic strike, not even indo. tbh the level 30 Brachiosuar nearly took me out more than the level 30 indoraptor did. I think 1 time I got lucky as with a critical, If I didn’t critical I would of lost lol.


Yeah, epic strike events can be tough. I only couldn’t finish that one with 3 raptors. In first attempt used too low level counters and in second got unlucky.

Brahio wasn’t that bad, you just needed armourded dinos with shields. I used Ankylo lvl 15 and Stegocera lvl 16 (but stun wasn’t bugged that time as it is now).

This Ptero epic strike is Gorgosuchus cakewalk though. Just need to see when Arambourgiania is in lineup to use DSS insread of FS first.