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How fallen kingdom should have been

So we all know fallen kingdom was awful by this franchise’s standards, ima fix that

I’m leaving the story alone until we hit the auction scene.

The auction happens but Indo isn’t sold. Owen, Claire, and Maizy (might have spelled it wrong) get the heck out of the mansion. They return with the feds and take the Dinos (minus Blue) to the other island. Note that stygi didn’t happen

Time-Lapses a week. Wu has Blue and has managed to rid her of the rex dna. He makes indo2, and the mother/daughter thing happens.

Fast Forward to another auction, here the indo1 and 2 are showcased, but Owen catches wind of it before it happens (some way, proly monitoring chatter like mil peeps do) and brings in back up, Claire.

The indos are brought out, showcased, sold, but not removed, as Owen set of a Stygimoloch to cause the terror. The indos are left in the cages until gen2 busts out (she can slices locks) and accidentally smacks gen1’s lock. The 2 get into a duel, until Blue (who was set free when the lab went gaseous) gets the 2 to lay off each other. The indos travel into the mansion.

Gen1 finds Owen and Claire in the library, and attacks. She is about to strike Claire (like the trailer, nice, slow, and terrifying) when gen2 come out of nowhere and attacks gen1, resulting in gen1’s death. Gen2 then disappears into Wu’s lab, but Owen decides he’s gonna kill it (And Chris Pratt magic makes it sound cool), and he grabs a gun and heads to the roof. Claire follows

(This next scene I wasn’t confident should be here, but I feel this is called karma taking action)

Wu is prepping his embryos to be transported elsewhere, but he here’s indo2. To make sure that this can be on the forums, I’m going to leave this to the readers imagination.

Indo2 goes on to the roof (because she tracked Owen, who wanted high ground) and the rooftop scene happens with one change, Owen shoot at the indo2, but the bullets bounce of her skin (He’s an Ex-SEAL, he’s not gonna miss). Blue appears and indo2 dies like in the movie.

That’s all that Ima change. I left Zia out because it wasn’t super relevant. Lmk what y’all think


If y’all are wondering, the lab went gaseous as a regular of the stygi and some ankys busted down the door

I personally like Fallen Kingdom, thank you very much. But your idea doesn’t seem too bad. I really dunno why people didn’t like Fallen Kingdom…-maybe because there was no suspense, and they showed dinosaurs like every two seconds? Ok fine, the Indoraptor with the laser thing was pretty lame (I mean, if you have a gun pointing at the enemy, just SHOOT them! Instead you have to transport the dinosaur, place it in a hiding spot, and point the laser, wait and command the Indo to attack. By that time the person would’ve known what’s happening and fled the place :joy:. Like I said, it’s lame)
It is definitely not better than The og JP or JW for that matter, but independently, I like it. It is definitely better than the human dinosaur hybrid idea they were thinking of implementing.


I like the idea of having both Indos and Blue in some kind of parental/pack relationship, but instead of making the Indos the dino villains and have a go at each other, I think it’d be much more interesting if they were anti-villains at the worst who are much more interested in taking revenge on Wu than going after Owen and Claire (this was perhaps my greatest gripe with Jurassic World as well, since I thought it would have been much more interesting if Hoskins was the one who killed the Indominus’ sibling and everything she did was to try and draw him out to exact revenge).

If there has to be some villainous dinos, have it revealed VERY early on that the Indoraptors weren’t the only hybrids Wu made. Maybe something resembling Thoralodosaur, Erlidominus, or some other, totally unique-looking creature that is psychotic and just goes on a rampage the minute it breaks out.

I would take out the auction scene completely. In fact, the movie would be mostly set on Nublar, except for the first twenty minutes or so establishing what Claire and Owen have been doing on the mainland, and Claire getting the funding to ship the dinosaurs to Sanctuary Island.

The overall conflict would simply be focused on getting the dinosaurs off Nublar before the volcano erupts and heading towards Sanctuary Island, while Claire and Owen’s own subplots deal with finding Blue and discovering Wu has been on Nublar the entire time making hybrids and has already been moving many of them and several other non-hybrid species (for the purpose of making more hybrids) to several facilities throughout the world. Thus establishing how the dinosaurs start taking back the Earth as many of them manage to break free of their transport containers or the facilities themselves.

Wu decides to unleash the villainous dino to keep Claire and Owen distracted, he escapes during its rampage at the climax of the film while Owen and Blue keep the villain dino occupied as Claire gets the rest of the team and some dinosaurs safely aboard the ships heading to Sanctuary, Rexy somehow gets involved in the fight (maybe she was prioritizing escaping the island but got attacked by the villainous dino in the meantime), the Indos ultimately choose to help their adoptive mother-figure Blue in fighting off the villainous dino over taking vengeance on Wu. The five of them seemingly kill the villainous dino, just in time to make it to the boat. Claire, her team, the Indos and Owen manage to get onboard, but the villainous dino (who basically resembles a zombie at this point from the damage it’s taken) turns out to be alive and suddenly nearly knocks Blue off the docks in an attempt to get to the boat itself. Rexy, who is pretty heavily wounded herself, grabs the villainous dino by the tail to pull it away from the boat before using her head as a battering ram to knock it off of it’s feet, buying Blue enough time to leap onto the boat and escape.

The film ends on a bittersweet note with Rexy killing the villainous dinosaur, looking back at the boat, and letting off one last epic roar before succumbing to her wounds just as the island becomes completely engulfed in lava. The rest of it plays out with Ian Malcolm’s testimony over the scenes of Wu’s various hybrids causing breakouts throughout the world. But, with Blue and the Indos, there’s a chance that the heroes can find all of the hybrids and other dinos before things get worse.

Obviously, Maisie or anything related to her subplot don’t exist (I’m sure the actress is a sweet kid, but I just can’t stand the character and everything she does), and the Indos don’t go after the laser-gun targets because the laser-gun isn’t a thing (and it was really friggin stupid anyway).

I like Fallen Kingdom but I’d have done it differently and included some elements of Crichtons Lost World.

I would have made the film about actually rescuing the dinosaurs with the idea of saving as many as possible and shipping them to Isla Sorna where they would be safe. I’d include a Biosyn team in league with Henry Wu trying to gather dinosaur eggs (like in the book) as antagonists.

No getting them to the main land although I would have the Mosasaur escape to set up how I would handle the third film.


‘It’s over Indo Gen 2! I have the high ground!’
‘You underestimate my power!’
‘Don’t try it.’


buyer :-If you have a gun in your hand just shoot. why need a dino to kill your enamy.

Seller :- i think it’s cool

What on earth do you mean “We all know JWFK was awful by the franchises standards”? It’s one of my favorites

I didn’t like it because of how indo was played out. I would have just liked to have indom come back or something or maybe just have indo made better.

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I’ve seen the way the forum talks about it

Might do a revised like an actually script

Rexy can’t die! But the ending was pretty cool too.

i didn’t mind the movie either. seen some theories on indo about why it was after the girl. and it made the movie experience a bit better imo. Still think the idea of selling weaponized dinos over just using normal weapons was dumb, and indo could’ve been scripted better. other than that, still a decent movie. All time fave is still the first one with 3 a JW tied for second.

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This video pretty much sums up the reasons I don’t care for the movie:

I know all movies have points that make you think “what” but this one just goes especially crazy at points. I’m definitely waiting on the reviews for the next movie (tired of being disappointed with top brand name movies being underwhelming, then watching a new brand movie being incredible - I’ll support the latter).

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That indoraptor chest one was _ _ _ _ _ _ and just, wow. (Not going to say the actual word as it isn’t suitable for the community).