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How far along are you?

I’ve not really played the story part of the game
for some time, I had reached level 50 by the time the arena was introduced along with more quests etc… Ive been completely focused on acquiring/powering up dragons and have not moved along in the story quests as it takes so much energy for the one shot, yes the rewards are more but when you have so many other quests to do, in order to get a chest the amount of energy doesn’t make it worthwhile.
This mainly regards when you have to win 5/7 quests or beat 50 dragons but I don’t even bother when it asks me use explore energy.

Was just wondering how many of us are still moving along the story, or like me were you doing so but then the dragon part of the game became your main focus or are you just focusing on the arena & dragons now?
How can they make the story part more appealing now?

Should also do I lost interest at 29/78 coldwind wastes