How far did you go to catch a dino?


I one time stayed on the train for 8 hours because it allows me to catch dinos from one end of the city to the other side and it comes back around again. My food that day consist of just hot dogs because the vendor was serving them just outside the station. I just get off, grab one, and go back onto the train.
Didn’t catch much good dinos either so that day was a complete waste of time.

At least I now know when the train will be out of service for that day.


Wow. It’s a shame that after all that time you couldn’t get anything good. I once went to a state park but my cellular service (Project Fi) could only reach half of the park. So there were some dinos I could look at but not touch. Luckily it wasn’t that many but still a bummer😑


I get more on a short bus journey than a long train ride. I don’t ride much. I’ve walked 400 miles in total playing the game.

Not quite London to China. BUT yesterday…