How far have you got with no Legendary or Unique dinos?


So still no Legendary or unique dinos for me yet :frowning: but I am climbing the arena board slowly slowly.
How about you lot with none? Here’s my team and rank. (Feel free to say how I can improve my team)


That looks like a fairly decent team. I’m nowhere close to the marshes, but just plugging away and taking my time. More interested in working toward Nodopatosaurus than Indominus at this point…but hey. Whatever works.


About as far as you. Pretty much same lvls too altough a few diffrent dinos. I dont think i reached 3300 rank yet. Nowhere near a legendary though only managed to get 39 dna from event legendary.


Well done for reaching arena 7… It is hard to go above 3500+ trophies here. Legendary dinos just take a bit of time… Hope to battle with u soon :slight_smile:


Reached around 3550 Trophies without any Legendaries … but had Indominus before reaching Top 500.


I tend to alternate between Einiosuchus and Majundasuchus on my team for hybrids, but I have a couple rare and epic in there as well.


Currently dropping down from the Badlands. Was at 2300+.


Was at 2880 before falling back to arena 1, had 2 epics (Kentrosaurus and T-Rex).

Now coming back up and I’m cat around 2700+ but now I have a Stegoceratops, Nodopatosaurus, Indominus, and trying out an Ouranosaurus that hasn’t been randomly drawn in over 400 trophies.



Heather… How is Monolophosaruas in battle?


Was in Badlands but dropped down for a while. Been coming back up with low critters. Tried to stay under 5 in the first 2 areas. Unlocking all those new Raptor’s, though, I’m afraid I strayed to using them for a week or so. Now I’m working back up again, testing out some new dinos but still trying to keep my ringers on the bench.


It’s not so bad actually, I just swapped it out yesterday from stegoceratops, been trying to get enough trike dna for a monostegotops. I just managed to get the stegoceratops to lvl 13 and I think it’s crap. There’s hardly any triceratops around here. The mono doesn’t have good health but it’s fast and it has nullifying strike which is good for that pesky Erlikosaurus.


Lol… No way… The reason i asked is cause i love my level 22 stegocerotops… With 3127 health… I have been easily clearing the floor with many dinos inc mono :slight_smile:


It’s probably just more to do with the fact that I just can’t find the dna for it so it’s stuck, took me forever just to get it up one level :roll_eyes:


Lol thats how i feel about scincerotops… Dont know where and when he spawns… Well im in London so i see lots of tricerotops around the city area…


I haven’t even created sinoceratops, only 109 dna to go. Hah… I’m in Glasgow but I’m rarely in the city, when I do go I find so much more.


I have plenty of Tricera in my neighborhood and the city … he’s spawning a lot like Dimetrodon. So Stegoceratops is of course my highest dino at LV. 20 and could probably go higher (but coins).


Pfft I could catch ten Dimetrodon before I see one trike :joy::joy:


I started playing the first week of june, and within the first two weeks, I was able to acquire two epics on my team, the trex and oranosaurus, with the addition of the spinosaurus gen 2 for joining vip. (of all the epic dinos lol).

By the time I hit #4 nublar jungle, I was able to acquire two epic hybrids the gorgosuchus and stegoceratops. Entering the #5 badlands, I was able to acquire another epic hybrid, the nodopatosaurus, and managed to add the postimetrodon and pyroraptor to the squad.
By the time I entered #6 lockdown, I had 7 epics and 1 common.

Just recently unlocked my first legendary the indominus, and made it through 3,400+ without needing a legendary. Now I’m stuck in the 3500’s lol, safe to say majority of my arena battles I was fortunate enough to have a handful of epics to fight with.


Lol. Postimetrodon is spawning like crazy over here. My little scrapper postasuchus is still only level 9 (postimetrodon unlocks at level 10) but my Postimetrodon is level 13. I don’t like him, though, so he’s benched for Postasuchus and secodontosaurus.