How fast is lightning? 109

Give the “Razor Tiger” it’s paws back Ludia.
At the moment it feels more like a kitten wrapped in spoons.


Eh it’s always been slow; that why most stuck with gorgo instead cause of that speed difference although it was only 117 last patch so wasn’t too bad. Although I don’t know why they made it 109 this patch


That is the best quote I have heard in a long time. :laughing:


I would love to have her old speed back.
Then I wouldn’t have to use double the speed boosts to keep her faster than the speedy Maxima, Tryko, and Dio.


This beast wasn’t far off the speed of light


All it needs is a speed buff and On-Escape Dust Cloud to make it probably one of the best Legendaries in this meta.


At least now she can’t be slowed.

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If they replaced stun with DSR on the Rixis it would be formidable, I think that would be a bit much though :grinning:

Lil’ Kapro zooms past


I defeated megalosuchus with a proceratosaurus!!!

ah, the kapro family is in a mess right now.

megalosuchus is actually one of the best legendaries in the game.

Monolometradon and Monomumis : allow us to introduce ourselves


monomimus isn’t as good as the meg. Resilient shuts it down. monolo might be better but I didn’t say the meg was the absolute best, I just said it was oneof the best, easily top 4 with, mono, pho and allo

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I think you’re forgetting Dracoceratops, Ardontosaurus, Carnotarkus and Spinonyx. Megalosuchus is good in this meta no doubt, but it falls flat too easily for my taste.

It has good matchups against the strongest resilient creatures, but against anything else it stands practically no chance.

For example, Spinonyx beats the resilient creatures more consistently, Dracoceratops is almost guaranteed to be able to swap in twice, plus it has good speed and excellent damage output to revenge-kill IIT users, and Carnotarkus has speed control and better Swap-utility.
I’d say they’re all better than Megalosuchus is.


Not only that but this counter attacker got the HP of a speedster along the speed of a chomper :thinking:


Lol I mean ya it was honestly never gonna be great since it is a counter attack that has a faster chomper orgin

It could be great If It had the old HP and speed back. Those stat changes were nonsensical. Ferocious creatures took a hit this update. The group ferocious strike could last 3 turns at least for the user.

if you look away from the stats and actually look at the matchups, you will see that the meg is great. It beats tryko and it also beats dio with prediction. It leaves maxima with less than 1k hp which is setup range for any dinos. Even after it beats all these tanks, it can then regen most revenge killers to do a extra 1k damage before going down

I did take those matchups into account.

In the case of the Tryko matchup, any revenge-killer that can deal 2000 damage turn 1 instantly negates any good the heal will do.
In the case of the Dio matchup, assuming Meg wins the mind game (it’s basically 50/50), it doesn’t even have the heal available.

Spinonyx beats all of the tanks Meg beats and more, consistently. Carnotarkus does almost as well with added swap-utility and speed control, and Dracoceratops can finish them off, deal 2250 damage to whatever’s next, swap back and repeat, as well as being able to revenge-kill.