How generous


One attempt for legendary how generous :sneezing_face:


How many tries do you want? It’s a hybrid. Sometimes you need 50 Alanqa DNA & 200 Ankylosaurus gen 2 DNA for 10 Alankylosaurus DNA. So stop complaining.


I’d prefer 75% less DNA per dart and 4 attempts. What fun is a single attempt as an event? I just want to play the different aspects of the game.


As a famous philosopher once said…

“You can’t always get what you want. No you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes…you just might find…you get what you need!”


It’s a legendary dino that doesn’t spawn in the wild, and also requires DNA from an arena exclusive dino. Yeah, it is pretty generous of them, actually.


shouldve been 2 attempts imo. indo was 1 attempt


i agree, one attempt was insane…especially considering that it has a 200 stand generation level…who gets 200 strands in ONE attempt unless they’re very high level?


I’m level 19 and only got 82 on it because of that insane wing target. It’s not meant to give you a legendary dino in one attempt. It’s like a teaser so you’ll work toward actually getting it.


Yea it’s an attempt to get you spend for the legendary DNA incubator…Anyway it doesn’t I don’t do the battles anymore the battles are more or less for the rocking chair warriors, totally boring!


I want a bunch of attempts why not! If your happy with a single attempt good for you…I am out to collect the Dino’s so yea give me more…I careless about growing them for battles I gave on the RNGDICULOUS boring battles…


50/50 if I get to lvl it up to 18, most likely I will be 1 away :confused:


Well so you got what you needed with that one attempt did for ya :wink:


I’ve not done it yet, will when I go out later.


I guess you shouldn’t give up on battles then and get to Lockwood Estate so you can get Alanqa DNA from incubators and start fusing it.


Managed a 69 which was so-so; should have done a bit better - the target on the wing is insanely hard. Mid-L19 and on the team - I like it; seeing it crop up a lot in opposition teams as well in lower Jurassic Ruins.


I actually had some really good luck on the incubators the week before, and already had him made and leveled up a couple times. Not to sound sarcastic by any means, but yeah!


Well if that satisfied you…and you never plan on upgrading Dino good for you I guess. Otherwise you want more and to get more means you have to be become a wallet warrior if your not already …:thinking:


Would you rather they give you no attempts? 1 is better than 0, so stop complaining about free dna.


Lol…I’m perfectly content with not now, nor ever being a whale in game. Enjoy going out and finding dinos too much, apart from the ones that are arena specific. But I was already content with the fact that what I have is what I have for now. Tbh, even if Alanqa was a wild, with what I’m looking for at the moment, I wouldn’t be out looking for it specifically. Just where I am in the arena’s right now, and looking at what I need to hopefully progress :slight_smile:


When your trapping you lead the prey into the trap with crumbs…in this case it teases ya to breakout the wallet. It’s the reason they throw trinkets…