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How good an alliance can a new player expect to get into?

I started 6 days ago and do all the daily things, including hitting the cap on all the rewards in the supply drops. I’ve joined a couple of alliances that are near 50 players, but the vast majority of the players are inactive and they are only hitting reward level 1 or 2 each week.

Can I expect to find a better guild than that when I am merely level 7? The level 5 rewards would make such a huge difference.

I got to be able to do better than tier 2, right?

Well alliance rewards are level based so depending on your level even getting in an alliance with tier 5 rewards you wouldnt get the full amount. Im not really sure how the rewards pay out to people under 20 though.

From what I can see in the game every tier gives 1000 more common dna, 300 rare and 100 epic. Not sure if it is scaled down from there, but it says LEVEL 7 at the top, so I would guess that is my payout.

Going from 2000/600/200 to 5000/1500/500 would be fantastic. And I’ll be level 8 or 9 by the end of the week I’d expect. Probably hit 8 today.

No they changed it with the last patch and the rewards show the same for every level currently… so until next week when they give out rewards we wont know.

Its all about how it scales… if say a level 10 gets 50% of the incubator then a lvl 10 would get half the rewards for whatever tier their alliance is in. This is how i expect it to be done and would mean youll get the largest percentage of rewards from a 5/4 alliance… cause thats what most are. Very few 5/5 alliances.

If they have a hard cap on the amount of dna you can earn… say for epics its 200 and you can earn up to that… youd be earning the max dna in an alliance that only hits tier 2.

Not that many alliances hit level 5, the amount of dedication and teamwork needed are pretty high.

Hitting 3/4 or 4/4 isn’t that hard, though.

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We usually get at least 3/4 for the alliance missions (sometimes more)

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