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How Good Are Scaphotator, Megaloceros, Mammoth, Wooly Rhino?

I use this tier list to get some idea of which creatures to try out:

But I guess Scaphotator, Megaloceros, and the two woolies are too new to be on it.

Have any of you used them? Any feeling of how good they are, or how to use them?

Or maybe you know of some other tier list that’s more up to date…that’d be great, too!

They all are there, their images just aren’t displayed properly for some reason. But they are there, and ranked. Scapog and mammoth are both low apex, and megalo and woolly rhino are both low alpha.

Crazy, they must have just been added, which is why their images aren’t updated. When I decided to write that post last night, they hadn’t been on the list.

Thanks for pointing it out!

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