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How good are those daily pack offers for Dino Bucks?

I’d like to see what people think about those daily pack offers for dino bucks. I’ve always been of the idea that they just aren’t worth it but today I decided to go for one of the packs because it had a bunch of dinosaurs that I don’t have unlocked.

In terms of pure DNA value this pack is about 950DB (if you’re a VIP) for a total of 2,000DNA.
Here is the break down. We value the rare dino at around 500DNA. This is just a ball park average but I think its good enough for this calculation.

The rest of the pack has:

  • First slot has 100% chance of 1,000 DNA,
  • Second slot has 100% food
  • Third slot has 50% chance of 1,000 DNA.

The food isn’t really valuable so we can ignore it. If we take the average of the DNA possibilities, that gives a total value of 2,000DNA for 950DBs.

If this trade was in the trade harbour, I wouldn’t take it, since I value DBs much more than DNA due to their rarity and the many things you can do with them. However, this calculation doesn’t account for the possibility of an unlocked dinosaur. These packs tend to have higher probabilities of delivering dinos that we haven’t unlocked (I believe that a Ludia rep made a comment about the gyrosphere packs being designed in a similar way). Trying to purchase a rare dino with DBs directly is around 1750 DBs so there is definitely value there.

I ended up getting a Corythosaurus. Not a particularly outstanding dino and one that doesn’t have a hybrid, so not great. I think the value needs to be in the odds of getting a dino that is really useful. Thinking about this a little more I think I would value DNA at around 3 to 1 for DBs, so I would be ok converting 1000DBs to 3000 DNA, or vice versa. Given this, then the pack needs that extra 1000 DNA in value. Is that 1000DNA worth the odds of getting that awesome dinosaur I wanted?

Probably not, but it does depend. I think that if you’re desperately looking for that last unlocked dino to unlock a hybrid or a bunch of badge slots then it might be worth it.

My conclusions:

  • These are definitely not worth the DBs without the VIP discount.
  • With the discount, they are only worth it if they guarantee enough DNA and if you have relatively good chances of scoring an important unlocked dino, preferably a few different ones with around 10% chance.



I was having a bit of a hard time following all the details of your post personally.

What pack did you buy, what was it called?
How much does it cost, VIP, non VIP?
What are some of the better creatures you could potentially win and what are their odds?

I just mentioned this in another thread but I have been tempted a few times to buy the 2018 Pack for something like 1550 DBs non VIP. Can’t remember what the 1st three cards are but the 4th is a chance at mostly Tournament creatures, 2 or 3 VIP’s 2 or 3 Legendaries and something like 25% chance at 1 SR cenozoic. So in the end something like ~60% or more chance of getting a tournament creature or better. I think 2 of the tournament creatures have a much higher % like 25% or so verse everything else that is closer to 3% give or take.

In short, this pack has a high % of giving you a 5000+ DNA creature that you may or may not have unlocked. I think most of them I do not have unlocked so that is part of the lure for me along with the ease of it. I’m actually not crazy about putting time into the game so if throwing down a few DB’s gets me something cool then there must be some value to that as well.

Worst come to worst if you don’t like the tournament creature you got you can trade it for like 600 DBs if you are patient and get some of the DBs back. Obviously worst case is you get the SR cenozoic which just sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the other packs i’ve noticed just don’t seem to be worth it because of poor odds and or they are just too expensive DB wise for me, I typically don’t have a lot of DB’s, my game is fairly balanced with resources in and out, if i have it, i use it.

Edit - Looking at the packs available today I think you are referring to the Prehistoric Plant Eaters pack for 1520 DB’s non VIP 1140 DB’s VIP.

Glancing at the creature possibilities and the odds, just a rough estimate and you are just over 80% chance of getting a SR jurassic or worse. 8 tournament creatures all at 1% I don’t like those odds at all. For the same price DB wise that 2018 pack i mentioned earlier has way better odds of giving you something half decent. I’m not sure if that pack is available to all players of any park lvl or if it only shows up after you reach a certain level IDK how any of the packs work but it seems like not everyone always gets the same offers.

How I view this:

No screenshot: Don’t read

Screenshot: Very helpful and give a reply


Not everyone plays on a phone or device that is setup to screen shot and post on the forum.

Then on the other end of the spectrum I often get tired of all the screen shots at times especially tournament threads, and just scroll past them TBH


He is referring to these packs that rotate daily:

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Phones have a built in screenshot function, and you can easily upload pics when making a post.

As for the packs, they dont benefit me in particular.

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Did you read my post?

No need screenshot needed you can take a picture…

Using another device…

@gabochido I agree with your concluding thoughts. I rarely consider any offer for DB.

I rarely read long posts that are all words, way too boring and 50% of the time I have no idea what they’re talking about.

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