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How good did you do

I’m sure by now everyone caught either alloraptor or indoraptor 2. So how good did you do?

  • Alloraptor lower than 50 Dna
  • Alloraptor 51-100 Dna
  • Alloraptor 101+ Dna
  • Indoraptor 2 lower than 50 Dna
  • Indoraptor 2 51-100 Dna
  • Indoraptor 2 101+ Dna

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I got Alloraptor 101+

I got 129 indo g2

My total was 107 on alloraptor

150 on Alloraptor

92 Allo, my dog wouldn’t stop lol

i dont have that
i have thylaco, suchotator, ankylocodon and yoshi

I got 167 on alloraptor. Was quite clutch, my phone was only on 3% lol

I had to catch on the road on a laggy phone

I managed to get 105, just enough to unlock it

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I believe I got around 143 maybe? i mainly remember it something like 1?3/one hundred something three, can’t remember what was in the tenths place but I got more than a hundred and last digit was 3

Alloraptor 212

indo g2 35, 4 lags and 3 miss on tail

Btw im level 10

F in chat bois.