How Good is Albertospinos?

Thinking about darting it during the St. Patties event since Dioraja just… doesn’t exist, and snake animations are agony to dart, but I’d like to know how good you think it is.


Very good
Probably tyrant
Great against Arctovasilas Ankylos Lux, Testa, Skoona
Great moveset and good resistances
Definitely worth getting
However Dio could be good if you are trying to get Ankylos Lux



A tyrant bleeder? Never thought I’d see the day. Thanks for all the info, definitely going for Albert Sr. now. Unfortunately Dioraja still isn’t too useful even for Anky Lux since I have nowhere near enough DNA or coin on the Bumpy Lux side. Still doing alright on the Dioraja side, though.


Phorurex, SRG3, Constrictor-
allow us to introduce ourselfs

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Yeah but those are cunning fierces that don’t really rely on bleed script except maybe constrictor
I think @Saurophaganax18 was referring to a more ”traditional” bleeder sort of like the Spinosaurus


I’m darting it. Currently working towards it with lvl 20 spinota and lvl 19 albert

Yeah, that’s just about what I meant.