How good is Diplovenator so far for you guys?

Im thinking of throwing it on my team to use as a counter to a certain emerald green theropod running rampant right now. Is it worth having and boosting?


I sure hope so, I’m thinking of using it for the same reason.

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That may have been Ludia’s answer to us complaining about Thor in 1.7: give us a dino specifically meant to counter Theropods.

Think of it, the thing has distraction moves out the ying-yang, just barely outruns pretty much all the theropods, meaning if its boosted up to around tier 6-7 (where im seeing most thors at), seems to do decent damae with those counters and impacts/rampages. The only things i could see it having problems (aside from immunity obviously) would be Tenentorex and Indominus Rex


Everything needs a counter, so this one should wreck Thor.

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Lets pray. Ive been seeing super boosted ones a lot today for some reason


I was thinking of using this HellFishFrog for the same reason to counter Thor!

So much distractions! But its not immune so if it gets stunned…

Im actually going to have most of my team immune so all the distractions and stuns and stuff aren’t a problem!

Welcome to Immune Meta!

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If its distracted, then the instant charge wont be as good, and the diplo can go for its rampage next turn


You need to put the Hulk meme or else it won’t be as good.

There you go :wink:

Awesome. More words.

I think it is worth it if you can boost the speed as much as the thors out there, if not, then it won’t work at all.

Obviously, yeah lol

I tried it for a short while at 16 (just to test it). I think with multiple boosts it could potentially be amazing, but it needs those boosts more than others.

Its main use is to counter the theropods, which is helpful considering how common thor is right now. So if you wanna counter the beast, boost the edgy demon-lizard just as much :wink:

I guess that goes without saying haha
But the other thing to worry about is if it has only one use use(counter thor) and not be good for anything else. Than it won’t be a good team member since it’s so slow and has mediocre hp. But I don’t know much yet.

I get why it has the hp issue since it has so much distraction, but yeah, thats its main issue. Otherwise though, i could see it as a mid apex because of its niche at hard countering the theropods

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Anyone else think that it looks like it came from Hell and has lava flowing down its back? lol

I named it “Edgy Demon Lizard” if that gives any indication on what i think of its appearance lol


Oh this angry baby newt is ready for action. He needs boosts to get him to fighting weight especially speed. You don’t really want to start with it’s priority.


I like!

But the speed… Why coulden’t it be s bit faster…

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