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How good is Indominus rex gen 2 really?

I’m a level 9 player. I’m 60 DNA away from unlocking it. I haven’t done any research about indom 2. Can some of you guys pls help me with its stats? Also, some of your encounters in any arena or tournament along with ur experience using it.
(Also don’t use any 16 letter long word. My 12 year old brain would have difficulty deciphering it.)

It has armor piercing strike and rampage, mutual fury and cloak. So ability wise it doesn’t have a mid ground attack between rampage and strike so yeah.

Here are its unboosted level 11 stats: HP 2164, damage 770 (5% crit), speed 108 (faster than original)
Once the dodge rework happens, Cloak’s miss chance will increase to 75% and these stats will remain the same.

If you’d like an overall guide to how good different dinos are, I recommend these guys:
Just scroll on down to the pictures, and they’ve got rankings for everything. They think the G2 I-Rex is among the top 5 best epics, ranking in with most legendaries when it’s the same level as its target.

IndomG2 is amazing for your level. Mutual fury will allow it to take down lots of dinos in 1v1s. Definitely use it if you can.


gamepress think it may be a new tryant, that in their SIM for the new boosts system it beat magna each time


Wait wat? How can an Indom beat Magna? This is with the new boost system? I don’t see how that changes the odds. Wouldn’t the update affect both the same?

yeah the SIM on the new boost system allocated boosts in 4 ways. all in health, spped, attack and one balance. idom G2 with speed focus beat every different boosted magna:

Speedy Indominus Rex Gen 2 ranked higher than every Magnapyritor build. New Tyrant maybe?

Cool, I wonder if they used the new 1.10 stats?

no, it has definite strike and armour piercing rampage