How good is Smilocephalosaurus?

Im thinking of replacing Erlidom with it, but id like your guys’ viewpoints on the hybrid so far

Ugly abomination xd but might be good arena. I’m not sure I want to use my pachy dna for it.

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can it one shot a draco though…

At level 26, its attack is 1500, and a precise rampage on a draco can 1 shot it, swap in stun can also screw it over if it lands on draco as it swaps in on the same turn

From what im seeing from first impressions, its main issue is being outsped by a majority of the tyrants, frail (shared with erlidom, so nothing new for me), and lack of armor piercing moves (but at this point, tanks arent really common because of a certain green theropod running rampant)

So if RNG is in your favor and you predict the rat coming, Smilocephalosaurus can hard counter rat (not taking boosts into account)

The only one so far that I’m impressed with although I didn’t create them all by far. Two rampage moves is a good thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Questions science can’t answer: Is Smilocephalosaurus a mammel or a reptile



hybrid also for that.

female throws eggs, and her puppies s* on her.



It can. more words

how much turn one damage??

3000 damage

Haven’t used it but it’s eligible for a unique and we all know how much ludia loves gibbing arena locked dinos unique hybrids. So I wouldn’t level it past 20 but then again I only level dinos to hybrid levels unless it’s already a super hybrid

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I do the exact same thing except for Purutaurus which I took to 21 to get it up to team level, but im so glad I stopped there because im using its super Hybrid now!

Lets theory craft. What would a unique involving Smiloceph be?

Smilieceph + The hardest to get arena exclusive.