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How good Ludia has done in the game

not everything that ludia does is bad, there are also things that ludia does well, she listens to the community a lot, they try to somehow complement new things to keep the game alive.

I find that ludia makes a great effort for a creature to be aesthetically good, you can see how much they put desire to the designs, abilities and animations of the creatures.

hey added enough modalities so that it was not eternal to obtain DNA from creatures, with modalities I mean raids, weekly incubators, hybrid persecution, weekly calendar, monthly tournament, sanctuaries and alliance donations. The detail that each implemented thing has a pleasant, attractive design makes it appear that they want it to be a beautiful experience, that when it comes to occupying it, it is not comfortable at all

for those things I feel that ludia does good things and that she wants to play this game

I leave here a vote to know what else you like

  • I like the aesthetic design, animations and abilities of the creatures
  • I like the many ways to harvest DNA
  • other (write in comment)

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This thread is to talk about how good ludia has done, if you have a different opinion you can say it in a respectful way

I hope to know why you chose your opinion, I’ll be waiting for you in the comments

a round of applause for ludia for her concern and comfort of the community :clap:

thanks for helping me to do the survey :wink: @Mudkipz

Thanks @BenauGr_FZ! Glad I could help.

I do love the design of the game, and despite it’s flaws it’s still addictive as hell. But all too often, they don’t think things all the way through. But the game still has the potential to be so good - that’s what makes it heartbreaking when they fall short.


Agreed! Very addictive and so much potential IF it is done right

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you have big stumbles but they have time to fix it, it is a great company with great potential

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The game at it’s core is great.
Herein lies the problem…
The game was far better in beta.
It’s been a couple years.
If I had the power to hire another company to take over the game I would.
It really does have great potential, but I’m not sure if Ludia is capable of bringing it out at this point.


yeah of course this game is great, but I use these forums as forums to complain about game issues… XP

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