How hard is it to get to top 500 or 5,000

i was just wondering because it seems that top 500 have boosted everything at level 30 as well as switching a lot of dinos around. how hard do u think it would be to get there. right now I have a couple level 25s, but I don’t think its possible at this point.


Sure! If you’re willing to either play steadily for the next 10 to 20 years straight OR spend thousands on boosts and whatever else Ludia is selling (like all those top players) to speed up the process.


I started my account in November 2019. 100% F2P and was in the top 500 a couple of seasons ago. I played more or less optimally but wasn’t doing the tapjoy offers that can help speed up the boost acquisition nor speeding up battle incubators. It is doable but tough. I was lucky it coincided with the rise of apex creatures that helped F2P players. That is why they are now useless!


Day one player here and I’ve been steady in top 2800-3500 for over a year now and I don’t spend tons of $$$ on the game. I might buy a $10-15 incubator here or there every once in a while.

I also don’t use rats.

I don’t battle as much as I used too. I used to battle 40-60 times a day. Its probably closer to 10-20 now.


thats pretty good, ive been playing for like 2 years now, quit for like a half a year, but I’m about to get my first level 30 indom in 2 months probably

Great performance running only one swapper.

Considering its not a rat? Heck yeah thats great.

I was top 1000 a few season ago, f2p. Now I’m like top 4kish? My team is outdated, boosts locked with them, and I mainly just go afk while I battle. It used to be pretty fun to battle and you could outplay someone if they had better stuff. Now, it’s like oh lvl 30 pho max boosts, why try?


I’m a day one player and I only spend on VIP – I don’t think any of the other deals are worth it. This is my highest arena position, from this October.


I’m around the same. I am 100% free to play though, my maximum score is almost 5800.
I don’t use rats either. So no phorurex, no rhino, no draco and no magnus.
Deer, Tryko, Magna, Lux, Mortem, Dio, Scorpius3, Maxima. All boosted to about 75% of maximum on average.

Started playing at day 1 and haven’t missed a day since. I barely ever battle, so I guess if I really really push it I could make it to shores one day.

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I joined in November 2018, F2P from the start (not even had VIP) and normally finish a season on about 6400 trophies.

I only ever battle in the arena to get the daily incubator but still normally make the top 500-750 so you can do it without spending money or investing significant time in the game.

My tips are:

  1. Join a good alliance.
  2. Dart everything
  3. Collect all rewards from daily supply drops
  4. Use hard cash on boosts


how many dinos do u have maxed since it seems u have a lot of dna

Played since April 2020, finished last season around 350. 100% F2P and have never spent a penny on the game.
It’s certainly possible but does take patience and long-term decisions rather than seeking the quick-fix.
I would also say that, no matter where you are in the arena, long losing runs are normal and it’s just as frustrating.


yes, right now im in aviary and I’m just either crushing people or facing all 30’s. that’s whats frustrating, there’s not much diversity and therefore strategy in the game anymore.

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I have 2 nearly unboosted dinos and reached top500 this last season without spending anything besides for VIP, also I only just started 2020 Saint Patrick’s day

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I have many 30/30 creatures but none are unique. I’m like 2 wins away from 5500 trophies. I’ll never been top 500 but if I used my boost on my max level unique I’m sure I’d be there with a fully boosted 30/30 unique team I just choose to not play that way. I do championships instead. I’m free to play. Never spent any money and never will.


Hi Colin, I have 24 creatures at Level 30. The only ones I’ve ever maxed are those I’ve used in the Arena or for Apex raids.

I really want the boost reshuffle so I can get Skoona and parasauthops on my team

For me it seems that getting top 5,000 is really hard but doable

Top 500 on the other hand seems almost impossible without dumping tons of money in the game

It just takes time but it is definitely doable without spending any money on the game. It is getting easier as well with all the veterans leaving the game…

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The last month you needed around 6300 trophies for top 500. Previous seasons I’ve made it with around 6200. You need 30/30 creatures for this and not just any creature, but the right ones. It’s totally possible as completely f2p player, but may take you a couple of years in the game.

However, reaching 5000 trophies should be much easier for you. Once again, you need good planning. Know which creatures to focus on developing and how to allocate your boosts.

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