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How Hard Is Tryko to Dart?

In light of the 5 attempts at Uniques this week, I wanted to create a thread to discuss how plausible it is to dart and unlock Tryko in five rounds. Since it’s a Rex hybrid, it’ll most likely inherit its pattern in the darting screen (long body, far apart targets). 50 is the bare minimum to unlock, 70 for level 22, 100 for level 23. Will this even be possible? Will VIP even help that much?


Im going for 120+ per try

50 per try is an extremely easy feat tbh. That’s 2 direct hits and an extra dart. And the first dart is a free direct hit.

I’m personally going for Erlidomimus, since it’ll most likely have Erlikosaurus’s darting pattern.


yeah… too easy

I’m hoping I’d get enough DNA in 4 attempt to create tryko and I’ll save 5th for erildom :slight_smile:

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Hoping to get tryko in 3 tries, 4 max, rest for thor. Got 80 dna left to create him. Will get 2 uniques at once if I’m lucky.

Indo cuz I have already darted it

Vip will definitely help for sure (more time to dart so more dart on target).
It’s possible to unlock any unique in five attempts imo but you need to be high level enough (it won’t work if you’re level 5 for example) to make it easy.

I think tryko is going to be difficult to dart. Movements like T-rex (left right shaking), with a long body. I think there will be one really difficult point at the end of the tail and maybe one in a leg (like maiasaure). If you combine this with a high speed it will be a though task :pensive:

Wait and see! (my tryko will probably be 30 before the event but I’ll still look forward for the tryko dart as my fav. I’ll probably make a darting tips with it anyway)


I’m going to go for Thor, and if I unlock it in under 5 attempts i’ll go for Indo.

I was thinking of going all out on Tryko to unlock it, but then considered the fact that if I do unlock it, then it will stay at lvl 21 for ages before i’m in any position to fuse it.

So if I go for Thor to unlock it, i’m now at the point of fusing Thor so I could unlock it and get it leveled fairly quickly. As for Indo, i’m about 55 dna away from unlocking.

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I am level 7(VIP). Is it possible to get tryko. or can i get erli? If I cant get either of them i am planning on darting tryko and get it later. Not sure which one to go for. Darting tryko and erli harder than utarex?

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I can’t remember what lvl 7 gets on direct hits on Uniques, but if you focus all 5 attempts on one unique and you get some good direct hits then yes, but it will come down heavily on how many direct hits you get for your level. That pretty much goes for any Unique regardless of whether it’s Tryko or Erli.

Nobody has darted Tryko or Erli before so it’s difficult to tell. But I will say one thing about Utarinex, it’s a smaller dino and therefore the dot movements aren’t so far apart. For Tryko and Erli they will be, also guaranteed to have a swinging tail dot.


If I am correct (hopefully :grinning:) a lvl7 can get 8 dna/direct hit on a unique dino, but you can level up really fast if you start fusing sucho, purrolyth or something that needs a lot of fusions that give you xp


Yeah if you guys are lower level, something like tryko might be a stretch depending on darting skills, whereas something like indoraptor might be easier to get 50 DNA for each.

Noticing a pattern here. If nobody is going to dart Dioraja, then why put it in the event?

In this situation though, it means it gives us another attempt, when there are already 2 very good uniques people have to choose between.

yeah i have a smurf account i created just for the purpose of finding out just how far a new player could get joining the game last sunday (last day to dart Rinex) and ending next sunday… its lv 5 so far (im only shooting dinos that happen to be on m way to/from work as well as whats around my house) and im hoping to see if i can get its level up by creating some of the rare hybrids and whatnot to see if i can unlock a unique… wondering which will be easiest to dart (even if its DIORAJA) just so i can see if it can be done

I should be level 19 by the weekend and have VIP. I am hoping I dart well and can get Tryko in 3 attempts, worst case 4. Will most likely use the 5th attempt on Erlidominous who I am hoping to have close to created by then. I tend to either dart really well or really bad when it’s a dino I really want.

I’m going after Diorajasaur! I know it isn’t popular. I know that right now, it isn’t great. But to be able to create it for free, while having all the others that i’m Interested in already… well. I love the design too much not to try. My Trykosaurus is at 24; my Thoradolosaur is at 26. I need 84 to create Indoraptor (don’t like evasion) and erlidominus doesn’t have the design style I find appealing. Give me the spikes!!!

I’m definitely going to be waiting for that darting guide before I start!