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How has 1.14 been treating you?

If I had to guess it’s been at least a week since the 1.14 update to jwa. How has 1.14 going for you? Are you questioning some changes? Do you have some suggestions? Have gone unboosted? Any predictions for the next tier list? Talk about it here.

1.14 has been more or less the same mess imo. Arena is a chore when it was one of the most fun parts of the game. Boost enabled tournaments are disappointing. And the Matchmaking and trophy win/loss system is beyond busted.

If they could fix the busted matchmaking and trophy win/loss system in 1.15 i’d be happy.


I haven’t been playing as much as I should, seeing as I recently got spirit tracks on my ds. It’s pretty awesome, but I wish i didn’t have to choose between demon trains and awesome music or anky dna

spirit tracks was a decent game, but one of my least favorite Zelda games. idk what it is, but i just didn’t appeal to me.

No difference, still annoyed by the lack of trophy display in friends list/opponents list.


I have the game but I never got past the second boss. Best of luck to you

If you played phantom hourglass first, that’s proly why

I really wish 1.15 would make bleeders relevant tho

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Really love the new update. No fixes to the current matchmaking’ state in both the battle arena and tourney, is just delightful. Giving us a counter to ProRat, but making it useless is just swell. Still no proper reworks to dinos like Indo G2 and those who need buffs like Strictor and DiloBoa is just super fun. All these just make me want to play this game even more. Oh yeah and those bugs that were around a long time ago, still there, how fun!


Nothing new for me. I had some fun with permians when I used them in strikes and trials, but apart from that nothing interesting happened. 1.14 was an extremely dull patch, as community predicted in release notes.
But 1.15, on the other hand, will probably be a big, game-changing patch. Can’t wait for friday notes!

I’m just questioning the spinonyx nerf

Oh crap that can happen this week

Not well. Like at all

Been better if they fixed that zoom in and out big for supply drops and dinosaurs. I spun supply drops and kept getting nothing and then I finally got 4 or 5 supply drops worth of items out of 1. Or you shoot a dinosaur and then get darts and coins from the supply drop that didn’t work before you shot? Or when your riding by and tap on a dino and it zooms in then back out and you do it again and it does the same thing then on the third try the dino is no longer there.

Actually, I’ve had that. It only happens when I spam click the drop. I think this was added for when you see an epic in range and want to dart but the current stop would take to long to get it. It honestly makes thing easier for me.

Most the time I see something I want I tap it and it halfway zooms to it then goes back full map and I tap again and it does the same then I’m out of range and miss all the good stuff.

Actually wrote a bug report like 3 months ago on it.

Loves the special effect of the new revenge moves.