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How has the Inostrancevia hunt been going?

Post your pics of your Inostrancevia Dna here. I’m just keeping it at level 10 in hopes of a good hybrid

I have 50k+ dna for it, probably going to get a legendary hybrid with an brand new epic creature that hasn’t been released yet

55k. Already bored out of my skull from darting it all the time.

i’ve actively stoped hunting it when i hit about 40K. still at lv 1, but they’re so common i can turn my game on at any point and find one if i want to start the hunt again. 46K stash so far.

I’ll dart them any day.

For now, it’s just junk dna that only serves to help alliance missions and de-ranking for quicker incubators.

I have a little dna :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: