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How Helpful Was Support? Feedback

Epilogue of this Thread first : I won’t contact them for the fourth time now, the first three were painful enough.

Here’s just my experience since more than one month now.

There was an issue that happened to me, by contacting them I’ve even memorised the date and time — 22nd May, 1:53 pm IST. But some of you already know of this issue. I lost more than 110K Loyalty Points due to the game deciding to just out of nowhere open up all packs on the market list in exception of Solid Gold. One day after the update 52. Fine. I won’t complain about this issue further, mentioned it here for the context. I’ve gotten over it. This thread is solely about support.

I did what we all would do in such a situation, I contacted support. I consulted with several helpful people on here such as @Sionsith, @Andy_wan_kenobi and @Tommi among others if whatever I wrote described the issue correctly. I don’t know if it was my bad structure of language in the first mail which got me the response, that issues occuring on third party or emulator run games can’t be resolved and are beyond their repair. Okay.

I wrote back to the same ticket saying I didn’t use either, as well as consulting with above mentioned people framed the issue in a more proper way so that it conveys the right message. I waited for days but never even heard back, nor did I get the ticket is closed message. I took the risk of trying a second time through in game mail describing the issue as detailed as possible, mentioning the previous ticket too and confirming I didn’t use emulators or third party software. What do I get in response? That there were apparently clear indicators that I was using an unsupported platform to play.

Not okay.

Few months before this I had contacted them regarding not getting S-DNA mission reward for a Tournament, and when they asked which ones in question I mentioned that I didn’t remember the last time I collected those. Probably because I’m among those who are in the game during the tournament finish, which I only unfortunately realised later on doesn’t give the S-DNA for finishing in Dominator. That was the first time I got the response that issues on emulators, etc.

Back to the LPs issue. This has happened before. @Cagkan_Coskun experienced this and got compensated too. So why was I the one not even given a fraction of what I unfairly lost, but instead given the third party and emulator statements?

After that I made a post on the Cheater Protocol Thread stating the issue and responses. On @Ned’s green signal I contacted them once more to confirm if Game Launcher was triggering the radar of being third party software or emulator.

It’s been ten days, and no answer. I can wait ten or twenty days more if need be, but at this point it’s more than obvious they are convinced I may be using those softwares but don’t want to talk about it with me. Not once did they ask me to show any proof of using legitimate licensed software. Instead they make these statements and when asked why it seemed that way, there were absolutely no responses.

I’ll tell you very frankly, I’ve reduced even saving any game tournament data images in my device, or I delete them after posting score on respective Forum threads. Because taking screenshots was a recommended method in case a score reset or something adjacent happened to contact support. But in the unlikely event it does to me, it is definitely because it’s an indicator I use unsupported platforms right?

I’m quite disappointed with this experience. Disappointment is a weak word to use here but anyways. Due to much convincing by Tommi I did not quit this game albeit after this issue and whatever else happened in the update I’ve become a very casual player doing absolutely nothing apart from Tournaments and the Stakeholders Visit event, without that I would have just cancelled my VIP membership and deleted the game. Hopefully for players in the future they ask or perform confirmation before resolving or looking into issues like this.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day ahead.


Wow, this is extremely disappointing, I remember you mentioning this issue on the fourm but since Cagkan had the same issue and got properly compensated I thought you would also be compensated soon and hence forgot about it in the ensuing update 52 madness.

But support insisting that you’re using 3rd party software after you have explained them you haven’t is utterly disappointing to the say the least.

Hope you get fairly compensated eventually, not getting compensated for issues that aren’t our fault is very tiring.


Like I said I care not a bit anymore about being compensated. I’m plain disappointed with their responses when I justified my issue. I had nothing to hide while contacting them or giving any details. I still say I don’t play on or use third party software or emulators. Even though they didn’t directly accuse me of using those unsupported programs, it was not exactly the supportive response that was expected from support.


I have written to support at the same day you did (about the unmentionable programs).

I also have zero response at all.


All I wanna say is WHY!? It is as easy as adding it to your account. They gave gaming beaver omega AND the vulcan trike for nothing! They give gb stuff because he is a content creator whereas they do nothing to help you…
There is something fishy about that… :thinking:


I don’t mind them giving out resources to Beaver since he’s been promoting their games first an intensive player of Builder, then The Game and then Alive so for promotional purposes. However what they did in this situation is unfair even for us ‘common players’. They didn’t even have heart enough to ask for any confirmation of my software, or anything else. Instead when I asked them about this, that too after @Ned suggested it, zero response. As mentioned, it’s more than obvious that in those three mails they do not want to help me out but instead make such statements to shut me up.


Hi! This situation is unfortunate. The same thing happens to me in the case of tournaments, when they end in the dominator league, the game crashes. When I re-enter I receive the package with the corresponding unlocking (if there are no errors with the unlocks as sometimes happens, but that is apart) but I never get the corresponding S - DNA. I use a Samsung device which comes with the Game Launcher app and from there I ran the game. It has been a while since I removed the game from that app and run it from the home screen of my cell phone and I still have the same problem. I contacted support several times and they always answered the same thing, "We are sorry that you have problems in our application. Please note that problems that occur when using an emulator or other third party software are beyond our control and we are unable to provide assistance. on this matter. Thank you for your understanding. " I was as respectful as possible but since they always answer the same thing and don’t offer any solution, it was quite annoying but I had to adapt to playing with this problem. It is always easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility for their mistakes but hey, apart from continuing to send tickets for the many problems there are, I don’t know what else can be done. I wish they would take the trouble to find out what causes this problem, although I doubt it.


Sorry if it is not understood correctly, but I speak Spanish and I do not speak much English so I used the Google translator


Absolutely right you are. This was totally unexpected from Ludia support, the same support team that had helped me several times before as well. I’m absolutely surprised that they did all this.


If I was in your position, having done nothing wrong, I would press them and continue to press them.

I’ve received excellent customer support from them on many occasions.

I’ve also received some pretty bad service. On those occasions I will press them further. Sometime when I just don’t have the energy I will leave it.

Remember those issues with the Indominus tournament? Lol I ended up leaving that one alone because the response was so unhelpful. I know it’s different than your situation though.

In your situation I would continue to search for resolve. Especially because you’re VIP and you pay to play.

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