How high are you getting your AC?

I am trying to make an AC build and was wondering how high people are getting.

My rouge has 6262 AC. I think my warrior has been in the 8k. They have 5+ AC buffs.

Not sure how they are calculating AC. My heros are less than 1k before going into battle.

Here is my warrior over 30k. Havestshield level 10.

Yes I noticed that it calculates your AC bonus from the current AC rather than base AC so if you keep AC buffs rolling for a few turns even as the first set start to fall off the later ones are much stronger. With Tommus my team regularly has 30k+ similar to Trevor’s SS. It doesn’t seem to matter after a point, double the monster’s attack score feels like the cap.

So I put all my AC boosters on Tommus and set him to counter attack and had the monsters keep attacking him by skipping my other hero’s turn. Just had my other hero’s heal him and this was the outcome.

Yes you are reading that correctly, over 340 million. By the way, the monsters still do around 300-400 damage even at 340mill AC. Seems like there is a cap for AC blocking where the monsters can still hurt you even if you get to a trillion AC.