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How I became Number 1 in PVP

I’m Jammer and I Finally became number 1 on the PVP. I started out with around 2200 on the leaderboard and wanted my name in the top 10. Then I found I win around 4 matches and lose 1 and realized I could be number 1. Once I made it to number 3 I just needed to win just a few more matches to be first. Then the leader started climbing points right when it was in my grasps. image
So then I figured a could play a few hours and pass them up. Wasn’t so easy. Played for a whole day straight with no breaks. image once I became 2nd I then wanted first and was very close. Dokukaeru saw me climbing so he started pushing as well. After about 8 more hours of pushing I finally passed him. image I was only able to achieve this from boosting 1 key character, the bird which I call my Robin Hood. Now at this level all I come across is bot after bot. It wasn’t until I was around 100 points where I finally faced Dokukaeru. I played him 3 times with no luck as his lineup is higher level.

I was fortunate enough to get to play him again and beat him with my level 15 bird. If you’d like to know how much money I have dumped into this game it’s roughly $700-$800 total. I mostly bought the $99 worth of 16k gems and them only used them for the 2 for 1 card packs as mathematically that’s the biggest bang for your buck. I can finally go to sleep. Feel free to ask me any questions concerning how to advance your players. FYI, most of my characters have high common cards that are maxed out as some of them are better than legendary once they are high level.


Congratulations. It’s nice to see forum regulars such as yourself near the top of the Leaderboards.

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So… what happens to chests when you run out of room?

You just don’t get new ones.

When there is no more room for chests then your just battling for leaderboard position. Once I even noticed the leaderboard trophy button I saw I was 181 on the board. That’s when I decided to push hard.

However, the rarity of your chest is preserved, so you won’t lose out.

Congrats, I was way below as well and decided to push my points a little higher, noticed both of you guys were also going at it so I decided to stop and have a different target in mind: be first to get a lvl 20 character (not renown) :smile:
Someone will most likely beat me but I’m nearly there, maybe a few more days. Been doing heaetcoil deeps for the last 3 weeks nonstop


Congrats to the new #1, Piperidis.

What level bots do you typically face @Jammer2?

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Way To Go retsamerol (Retsamerol )
Show’em How It’s Done!!!
And Surely All Those Folks Can’t Be Bot’s???

Unfortunately pvp is not worth struggling for imho. I dont know what they have planned for guilds but I’ll do my best to have the #1 Guild :slight_smile:

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The game doesn’t track the stats for bot teams. A lot of it is to keep everyone leveled, level your equipment as best you can, and get good at beating bot teams. It probably also helps if you play at off times so you get bot teams more often than humans teams.

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