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How i can i change my profile name?

Please, if you can help me with this, i appreciate it

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you just go to your profile and go to change name, you have 3 changes before it costs coins

I already looked in all the corners of this place and i didn’t find

Can you show me where it is

you have to click where it says your player level

If you show me a step by step i appreciate it

ok, go here

nvm dont go there

so when you you log ontothe game, do you know where it says your player level at the top left corner, it will have a number in there. Click there and then press, the pencil edit button. You can change your name from there

I wasn’t talking about the game :joy:, i want to know how can i change my name here on the forum

I forgot :rofl:

Click on your little icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click on the fourth tab/the little person, then go to preferences and you should be able to change your username and all there, I believe that should work

Hey Yuri_Martins, please send a private message to one of our moderators.

Ok thanks for trying to help me