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How I completed Indominus Strike

Here is the gameplay of how I completed today’s epic strike event!

EDIT: And yes I realise that I didn’t need to pop my invincibility the very last time, I could have finished off Indom 1 attack sooner, but I was a little bit nervous lol, as you seen my Dinos aren’t the greatest levels!

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It seems like you got three turns out of the invincible shield the first turn he cloaked and the next two he threw his claws into the shield getting zero damage. I wasn’t aware it was two hits I thought it was two turns.
You live and you learn hey. Congrats

Hmm I never noticed that, either its a bug or thats how it works? not sure!

But I must say it would have been a much different fight had I not had dinosaurs with swap-in invincibility, my highest level is a 22 Stegodeus!

For the record level 30 Indominus rex hits like an absolute TRUCK! So be careful!

EDIT: Actually I rewatched the footage, Indom only hits twice for 0 damage!
EDIT 2: The turn where she popped cloak was from the LAST turn, when I switched out my Indom for Invincibility bird!

it’s my personal thought…
but you don’t need to use your team that much.

only one thing you need is lv17+ megalosuchus.

it’s not good at real battle… but it has counter-
attack, shield(indominus can’t break shields),
ferocious strike, and critical impact.

those abilities will work well to stand against
creatures like it.

and, that lv30 indominus never cloaked
when I fought against her.

but we have many ways to beat that
cloaking monster…

and you did it well, though.

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You know I have a feeling that this entire Indom Strike event was put out as a way to teach players how to utilise Swap-in invincibility! I mean a max level Indominus rex is the perfect target to use this against…and thats EXACTLY why Invincibility bird is a staple member of my battle team, and will remain so!

Edit: Also the dna I got (other than the koolie and one other) were all useful to me! Dimet Gen2 coz I have Monolometrodon on my team, Alanqa coz I have invincibility bird, Pyrritator as Im trying to get it, Sinoceratops coz im working on Utahsinraptor (btw my very first fuse today for it and got a 50 :D) and finally Deino coz, well ill need it at level 20 for the unique!

Yes, except that I saw on metahub that swapping alanchilosauro several times freezes the strike event and it will turn in an automatically lose… :roll_eyes:

I mean ok if you use a Lethal wound against an Indominus Rex you deserve to loose :rofl: but not if you use the perfect counter for the strike creature… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I believe what it is is that the Indom ended up going first. Therefore, the indom cloaked then he pulled out the invincibility shield, which means the next hit is invincible, then the hit after is invincible. The turn when indom cloaked doesn’t count because the invincibilty shield came out second.

Ooh…that’s a pretty good haul for a Strike Tower reward. Especially Sinoceratops!