How I love to go out at night hunting for raptors, epics and other fun dinos....... ( deep irony)


How am I ever going to level up… hatching incubators???


By walking…


I go for walks at night all the time and before ya say its probly safe where I live. I live in columbus, OH its not the safest with how drugged up OH is :joy: find plenty of dinos through proximity with them. Way more than what i see on the map before going. Granted never in my life has anyone ever messed with me other than asking if im lost :joy:


Welll it safe where I live, north Stockholm Sweden so whats stopping me. I’ve been out a couple of nights trying to find raptors, taking every dino passing my way and let me say that the hunt is not that fruitful. The day before yesterday I took over an hour bike ride, ending up with a postasuchus as the best catch together with about 20-30 other commons. Let me say that I have patianve but this is getting booring. Not only is it hard to win battles but even harder it is to level up all those hybrids that take thousands of ”10:s” to complete. How in earth do thry expect kids to play and level up when they are supposed to be in bed when the raptors and other interesting dinos are out. I know!!! Incubators…

Also I learnt that the game is POI driven which means thst poeple like me, not living i the middle of it, will never reach level 20 before getting totally boored.

So what can one do, :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


When I was out some hours ago … by bus … I saw Spinosaurus, 5x U-Raptor, 4x Tuojiango, 1x Megalo, 1x Kaprosuchus, 3x Postosuchus, 2x Edmontosaurus, 1x Kentrosaurus, 1x Concavenator and some others.

So was definitely a good night.


Raptor spawns got nerfed since they used to be all that was out at night lol i see maybe 4 or 5 within a few blocks of my house


Id much rather have more paras than raptors right now :sweat_smile:


Raptors and Epics and Rares oh my! Raptors and Epics and Rares oh my!

Wizard of Oz reference!


This game is so bad for grind really, just ride all the night whit my gf as passenger and only wasted fuel, no epics no rares, no dinosaurs in kms only few commons


Did raptor not move to day or anytime? I’ve never gone out hunting in my life let alone at night and I’m still standing :smirk:


I have seen it a few times in the day but not that often


I run into raptors here both day and night.


Since the update the velo night population has been significantly reduced in my area. There use to be 20 - 30 or so in the surrounding neighborhoods from 9 pm on. Now maybe 5? Not much night hunting anymore.

Now I try for early mornings before work. Raptors are still around but also some fun dinos.


I drove around for about 90 minutes last night to different parts of town and found ZERO raptors. It was actually the worst night of hunting I’ve ever had. It seemed like there were 1/4 of the usual dinos out. I guess they don’t want us to play at night anymore. Why don’t we just declaw the raptors and give them boxing gloves now?


People hated about Raptors … everyfreakingday … and some Raptor lovers hunted them like crazy … so now they are almost extinct. Like many other animals nowadays.

Totally makes sense that their number decreased that much, don’t you think? :thinking:


you must have a raptor nest then lucky