How I see Indoraptor now as of the 1.8 update

Indoraptor in 1.7

Indoraptor in 1.8


I do appreciate that evasive nerf. Since I got destroyed by many dodging Indoraptors with like 1 hp left when it stood 2:2. <.<
Less frustration, nice.

I think she‘s still strong. If I‘m right she‘ll get her dmg buffed, she‘s still fast and her cleanse and DSR are still strong.


Keep in mind that the crit changes nerfed quite a few dinos, even when they got their buffs in attack. Someone did a damage calculation using thoradolosaur as the example. He compared the impact and rampage damages based on the 1.7 and 1.8 damage and crit multiplier, and the 1.8 one, despite thor buffed in attack, had noticably lower damage because of the crit changes, thus overall, it got nerfed


Many indoraptors will fall but I’ll still use mine no matter if it doesn’t dodge
I shall summon my indoraptor “Alita”!



So better damage out of the gate but noticeably less when it crits?

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, the dodge nerf was not needed. Yes, dodge made certain creatures a regular on team lists but dodge is a good ability that helps keep you going against certain heavy hitters. Right now, it seems that offense is being pushed a little too much. Dodge abilities are just glorified shields now.


Still on the fence about the dodge nerf. I still think the chance to dodge just needed to be lowered to 40% or something, rather than what actually happened.

There is no point in using anything that has dodge anymore, completely pointless and useless.


Honestly it took a huge hit in 1.7 anyway. I’ve been trying to work it off my team but it takes a lot of time to replace things the higher average level your team is. Mine is 28 and far and away the weakest link on my team. It will be even worse in 1.8.


Well the problem is now,there is NO point in using it…i mean like litterally,NO POINT AT ALL.
Whatever you do,you will waste a turn to either receive 100% dmg or 33%.
It should have earn something else at least i mean:either if you get hit receive 66% and if you don’t 33%.
Actually,nullifying ability won’t be necessary to take them down since even basic attacks will be enough.
Well its sad for them but i never was a big fan of those lucky ability so…
I hope they will be back later and i expect ludia get this ability back when we will get more erlikospyx and others.


In short: yes. Think of just a nerf to the crit damage output.

As an Indo user I’m not very upset. More often than not dodging never works for me and really only use it when it’s life or death.

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Im pretty sure all of us agree that indo suffers quite a bit from the evasive change. Pretty much hard nerfed it, as it often relies on it to win the matchups it was infamous for, and even sweeping an entire team


The dodge nerf was unnecessary really. Don’t know why they can’t leave game mechanics alone and allow players to counter properly

They should at least make it so they are immune during cloak/dodge if they still get hit anyway. Give them something so it’s not just a semi-functioning shield now


It works 50% of the time for you and everyone else


I see thor eating indo, and everything else because is still broke as hell in 1.8.

I also boosted mine, tier 5 health attack and tier 4 speed, he is my first, and for now, only unique

the dodge will be so bad now that they should remove the evasion stance and give it a distraction move :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My boy is going nowhere, I have loved that dino since I’ve had it… dodge or not. The boosts (5/5/4) are worth it as well. The only reason he’s still level 28 is the screwed up mm/trophy algo right now.

P.S. I wish I could dislike the OP… simply because it reminds me of a movie scene that broke my heart :cry:

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max indo could do w/ a crit now is 6655 (tier 10 atk at lvl 30)

I have mine in tier 5, I’m saving for the next tier