How I think new Apex should be like

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Fierce moves that distract and cleanse DOT? Interesting…


It’s Fierce Distracting Impact lol

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And to be honest the geminideus’s head kinda looks like a goat’s head

So we’ll call it Goatinideus instead :rofl:


I like how they poke out of their cards, looks nice


Keratolania and Monolocevia Updated!

Geminideus looks underpowered imo. The impact should have a cooldown of one instead of two or should have the same kind of definite shielded rampage gemini has.

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Gotchu bro!

I buffed Alert Expert Advantage and Group Slowing Destroyer, let’s see how it’s going!

Geminideus looks like a very good flock counter (as long as said flock doesn’t have devastating fierce moves), last thing to make it really good would be a resistance to DoT, not higher than 50% (otherwise it’d be pretty much a Bastion and difficult to take down, being somewhat slightly better than Skoona)

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All of them are soo powerful that they literally poke out of their silhouette…

I call that “3D effect” lol

As a apex, " so Powerful" surely happen, but i would like to hear about your thoughts :ok_hand:

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Looks exacly like the shop incubators lol

Keratolania doesn’t look very well for an apex here though

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Maybe group resilient rampage instead of the impact, but I’m not sure

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