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How I think Scorpius Rex could be added/introduced into the game

So everyone is aware of the new season of camp cretaceous that introduces the new Scorpius Rex Hybrid.

Here is how I think Ludia should add this creature.

  1. Make It a raid exclusive, this means you can only get the Scorpius Rex from doing Raids. This may be the only way to do this unless we do option 2…

  2. The Aquatic Update. So The Scorpius Rex is made from Scorpion Fish and that’s pretty much all we know. So in the Aquatic Update we could get the scorpion fish along with other creatures such as the Mosasaurs (Might bring up how I think the Aquatic update could go In another post).

Anyway, that’s how I think the Scorpius Rex could be introduced. I think it will DEFINETLY be a uniqe and it could be fused with the Carno (just by looking and the look but I honestly have no clue what else could be in it’s DNA).

Here’s the thing. I think your Raid exclusive idea is neat. A raid exclusive Legendary/Unique creature seems pretty cool. But the aquatic update thing is where the issue lies, at least in your suggestion of the Scorpion fish. The Scorpion Fish isn’t a dinosaur, it isn’t extinct. It is living amongst humans today and would be a really weird thing to add to a Dinosaur game


Yes, I myself like the Raid Exclusive Idea more as the Aquatic update with the scorpion fish does not make a lot of sense now that I think about it.

I can definitely agree with the raid thing as we wouldn’t need to tackle what the components are and all that, not so sure about the aquatic thing tho, feel like Negibizer explained it pretty well


Why not just make Scorpius Rex an apex? Seems like it solves all the problems. You won’t have to add scorpionfish to the game.

I think we’re fine with the apexes we have, and the ones that have been leaked, so I don’t really think we need more of the chaos rarity, I think it would be best if it was a unique or legendary as said by many people, and it could then easily fit into a day with the apex dilo or others