How I think the tournament should go

  1. The arena and tournament should be 2 separate events.
    They should give rewards in the arena maybe top 10 or 50 at the end off its season, For all the hard work people have put in to be that rank and getting them dinos to such high levels.
    The arena rewards should be a lot lot better than tournament ones.

  2. For the Tournament should be a knock out event like most tournaments are.
    All dinos are the SAME level, And the 8 you pick at the start are the ones you have to use.
    So now people will say what about the hard work people have put into leveling there dinos? The way I think is fair is you can only use the dinos you have unlocked e.g
    PlayerA been playing 1 month only unlocked half off the dinos in the game can only use them.
    PlayerB been playing from start had unlocked every dino in the game can use anything he wants.
    Not only will you see a lot more different dinos being used and you are going to have to fight ones you have never been up aginst instead of the same 5 most people use.
    Also this brings in the knowledge you have off the dinos. What counters what!
    Dinos move sets, longer players will know more about this.
    It’s a bit more of using your head instead off throwing £1000s at the game.
    If there is any top 20 players reading this am sure it will be more enjoyable beating real people instead of lvl 30 bots over and over and also less waiting time.


Though i agree to a certain extent that the tournament should be a knockout, looking at how the community scream bloody murder over small little things, there is going to be a massive wave of complaints on how rng is against them at that match, and that they are the true right winner of the tournament

Love the idea of a same lvl tournament. Make more dino varieties being used. But does seem to go against the p2w method so most likely wont be implemented


That’s why I said the arena should give out the big rewards.
I know how hard it is to get the dinos that high, I play every day 3/4 hours my highest dino is 21.