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How Indoraptor could be reworked

Bring our favorite superhybrid back :slight_smile:

Hp: 4500
Attack: 1550
Crit Chance: 20%
Armor: 10% (it withstood bullets in the movie)
Speed: 128

Armor Piercing Strike
Precise Pounce
Defense Shattering Rampage



Before you guys say anything about cloak on indoraptor being op, the game is at a point now where that wouldnt be the case cuz of power creep.

Plus it could threaten rat with precise pounce and kill it turn 1


Indo needs a moveset change , thats for sure. It sucks now.


Immunity, 2 rampages (one with damage reduction and ready the frist turn) and 128 speed? Ahahah definitely not. A rework can be good, but not this


Immunity instead of cleanse would be wicked. But 2 rampages is a bit insane, unless they both have a 1 delay. You get to choose how to destroy your opponent, whether they are cloaked or defensed, that is neat :slight_smile:
Pounce is more of a 2 legged raptor move though, it wouldn’t work with indo.


I think the second move could be distracting impact


hell no, that change it’s ridiculous
btw it’s not “our” favourite for everyone


Maybe DSR could be changed out for Defense Shattering Impact? Having 2 Rampages available immediately seems a bit much

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hehe, too much. it would deserve a new exclusive community tier above tyrant.
like “monster” or “beast”.

maybe indoraptor gen2 if ludia release a new hyper-hybrid class.

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Like swap in rampage and turn 1 rampage? Yeah it does seem a bit much.


I didnt give it Swap in Rampage, or are you referring to Rat?

I love the kit, but with such a moveset it doesn’t need immunity and those stat changes. I would keep the stats as they are, as they are already pretty good( having it’s attack at 1500 might be reasonable though). That would be enough for it to have it’s place in tyrant imo.

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Yeah was referring to dracoceratops.

Not saying that Dracocera isn’t overpowered and broken, but this IS a thread about Indoraptor…

What do you guys think about doing something totally different here. As you al know creatures never change speed, armor or crit when leveling. But what if Indoraptor did? Well not all of those things but say gained +3 speed at level 25 and 10% armor at level 30. Moves could even see an added effect on increased levels like slow, distraction, speed up or whatever. It allows the lower arenas to be unaffected, makes indo better in higher arenas and makes leveling it up more rewarding.

Indo needs immunity and 5-10% armour or maybe counter attack 0.5. in current meta Indo don’t get a chance to hit second attack against most of meta dinos

That’s the point I am getting at I am in the 4600 range and here Indoraptor has lots of health and works well in the aviary. It is also rare to see anyone using a level 25+ one here. So, giving it bonus abilities at 25 and then at 30 would not make it OP here but make it still useful later.

Hey everyone, thank you for all your suggestions and feedback on Indoraptor.


@Ned when the team nerfed evasive, Indoraptor was heavily reliant on evasion to do its thing. Since it got nerfed and didnt really get much to compensate, Indoraptor either needs some stat buffs (particularly to its hp) or it needs a kit change, provided you would like him to stay relevant