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How is everyone finding the new map distribution?

I’m unsure of this new map distribution and would like someone in Ludia to explain what made them do some of the things.

Here are a few observations:

  • Urban area have mostly normal stops
  • non-urban areas have almost only green stops
  • strike towers don’t exist in some at all (kilometers without 1) and have tons of them in other areas

As an example I’ve walked my entire small town, no greens, 2 or 3 small strikes, no scent or big strikes. I walk to the forest …only green stops. I travel to work urban area orange non urban green. I get to work no green stop but hundreds or strike towers big and scent. I travel to town near work orange stops and only big towers?

This is meaning if i only travelled my local area this week I would have had no idea big or scent tower where available. And if I stayed in the centre of the town I wouldn’t know if greens were turned on this week.

This seems a little extreme maybe it’s just my area but this makes my green stop hunting out of town only which isn’t often possible…