How is it possible 23000+ trophy count?

Is the top player in this game like the Lewis Hamilton of dino battling? And a 5000 trophy margin over #2? I don’t get it, but hats off to the good Dr. And his models are awesome too.

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Since they changed it to always +30 for a win and -30 for a loss as long as you have above a 50% win rate you will climb. You just have to battle a lot. Before last patch that was hard to do because the match making only matched top ranking players with other top rank players. Now at 23,000 trophies he can still be matched with someone at 6,000 who doesn’t have a fully boosted or even fully leveled team.

I’m sure you’d have to ask @neodejavu for specifics, but a ton of grinding and new matching makes things pretty easy , especially that high




Superiority Complex.

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Starting recently, anyone in shores can be matched to anyone else in shores. The top guy is spending a lot of time beating up people with much smaller teams than his. With somewhere between 1000-1100 people in shores and relatively few of those having full 30/30 teams, it’s fairly rare that he gets matched to players who pose a real challenge, so he’s gaining 30 trophies pretty much every battle. (BTW, I’m not blaming him! He’s just playing the game. Ludia’s to blame for this ridiculous new matchmaking.)


reminds me of GTA Online, when a jet Griefer farms a low level lobby😅

You are 100% right about what is happening in the Shore right now, except that I think there’s more than 1100 people in it. Let say with a trophy count of 6432, you’re ranked 1000, well, there’s likely quite a few players who also have 6432 trophy and are also ranked 1000 (tie). So overall, there’s way more players in the shore than you think. That being said, as you said, it’s even easier for a top player who play a lot, to rake so many easy 30 points now. There’s now no sense going to the shore and being stumped by top players. So I guess who knows, maybe now, there’s only a 1000 players in there :slight_smile:

There are less than 1100 people who have even hit 6000 trophies. I’d think less than 1000, even, but that’s just a thought - it would be interesting to see the full leaderboards.

But one thing I am sure about is that there are fewer players in Shores this season than before the matchmaking change. We will see.

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With that many trophies you would be top 300
And you aren’t tied with people on same score, who gets there first is higher. so whoever is the lowest ranked player on 6009 trophies ( the least you can have in shores) is the maximum amount of players there. In reality the figure will be lower as leader board shows high score and some at least are likely to have dropped back to Gyro


Can he play basketball? ‘Cause Raptors are 1-4 to start the season. If Drake were allowed at the games, he be like…

WOW, thank you, thank you. I’m much better than I thought I was then… So this is the same at any rank? Somebody who is 9310 is the only one with 9310? There’s way less people playing this game than I though then… I always thought that if I was 1000, then I was not THE 1000, but my rank was 1000 with lots more than 1000 players better than me. You just made my day!

Uh that’s totally possible, because Lydia make all arena 13 players able to pair up with each others in PvP.
If you have max level/boosted Monolorhino, Dracocera, and Wooly rhino, also plenty of time to swap in swap out and bully those newbies just attend arena 13, that’s what you can gain.

Ludia’s stupid matchmaking in shores. not blaming the top players. they’re just battling a lot and i can’t expect them to purposefully lose against those just entering shores. Players up top want lots of battles, but they also want a challenge, which is hard to do without bots when a huge portion of those in the same arena aren’t even close to your strength.


Matches without a challenge are not really great either

Kick those lower 6000+ players back to arena 12 isn’t even a challenge…
Not blaming on the top players, but the matchmaking mechanism Lydia designed really seriously partiality and benefit for them.

What I can say about this is (1) I’m pretty sure most people in shores have got full level 30 teams or close to it (like 6 lvl 30 and 2 lvl 29 perhaps), and fairly close to full boosts - maybe not 100% full, but maybe 90% or so. (2) DrNizam isn’t unbeatable, I’ve beaten him myself (and also lost a few times), and I know people who have beaten him more than once, even having some “non-meta” creatures in their roster. He just got some great skills and battles a lot, loses some but wins more, so he’s getting more and more trophies, like some people already said.

One other thing, I don’t disagree that the top player can face anyone in shores. They also need to get battles, they can’t be punished for being at the top, like they were before (those players used to complain it’d take forever to get a match, and I agree that’s unfair).

Even if there were ties, 1000th is 1000th. If 10 people are tied at 30,000 trophies, and you’re next with 29k, you’d never be the 2nd, you’d be 11th. See how Olympics or any other sports go. If 2 racers tie in the 100m dash, they both get gold, no one gets silver, and the next one gets bronze medal.

If you’re talking since the new matchmaking, you’re 100% right, but before that, you needed way less than that to dip your toes in the beache’s sand at least for the last 2 weeks of the month… Sadly now though, since the matchmaking update, the funny part is that I think that what you need now to stay in the Gyrosphere is starting to look like what you said was needed to be in the shores: You at least need a bunch of level 30 and a decent amount of boosts… With everybody being pushed down, I suspect that Ludia is loosing a lot of players recently…

OK, let me see if I get this right now that I understand it better… The number of trophies is a fixed amount divided between ALL the players. With the new matchmaking system, the top players skyrocketed up like crazy. As an exemple, the top 5 players currently own 90920 so basically they own the equivalent of 15 players with 6K trophy each. That’s 60K out of 90K of trophy that are no longer available for the lower players… LOL, I remember when we were looking at the top players and were impressed to see them going 7K… So basically, unless Ludia increase the trophy pool, everybody is really being pushed down much harder than I thought… Am I right?