How is it possible?

I had a duel with some named vlu*** ( I made a screen shot ) and the opponent started with Monomimus. My Indominus won it and I received one star. But then the opponent started again with another Monomimus (two Monomimus in one team???). I beat that one too. Than the third opponent’s creature was Veliciraptor who was faster but my Indo dodged and when my Indo shot to Veliciraptor the damage was zero (0) (It WAS Veliciraptor because I checked “just in case”).
Game vent crazy?

Hey Buggy, your opponent having the same 2 creatures in battle is definitely not intended, luckily this seems to only occur with battles involving the AI. However, if you have more information on the date and time of your battle, could you contact our team here at with your support key so they can investigate further?

Seems like bot as mentioned by Ned. Also 0 damage means your attack was reduced 50% first my mono and next ponce of Velociraptor reduced it 50% more … to 0 % attack

Well… I am only with the primary school math (at the moment) but 50% of 100 apples are 50 apples and 50% of 50 apples are 25 apples. This is the only real math logic unless “fuzzy logic” :wink:

That isnt the way this game calculates damage reduction skills though… its more like… you have 100 apples and i take 50% leaving you with 50 apples, then i take another 50% but base it off the 100 apples your supposed to have so now you have no apples.


Excuse me my teenagers primary school math knowledge but regarding the “real-math” would be right that variable a=100% (100apples = 100%) become after 50% damage the new value 50 apples = 100%…sure if the game is with its unique math logic who I am to argue :wink: … it is all about the game and game rules.

That happened to me yesterday too. If there are two reductions of 50% the damage is not 25% but it is 0%.

I saw something similar to that in one of GamingBeaver’s videos, ehere he fought two Stegoceratops in a row.