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How is Pterovexus useable?

With Swap in wound it was able to deal some damage. Now swap in wound is taken and it gained swap in evasion instead, it’s not even a 100% dodge, not to mention dodge moves aren’t that great anymore because of rampage moves that can hit through cloak or evasion. Attack at lv26 is 1010 but it doesn’t even have any rampage moves. Immunity is good but its poor health is an issue. 129 speed is decent but stronger creatures with boosted speed are everywhere. Imo it’s pretty much the most useless unique creature…using boosts on it is not even worth it. My thoughts are, if Stigidaryx didn’t inherit Darwinopterus’ defense shattering trait, why don’t we make Pterovexus a defense shattering pterosaur since darwinopterus is one of its hybrid components. I say boost its attack and hp, give it defense shattering rampage. We have a defense shattering hadrosaur unique already, why can’t we have a defense shattering pterosaur?


The funny thing is, it’s not. I mean, Darwin and Darwez have shield shattering moves

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i need the birds to be good


Sorry I meant to say defense shattering

I went the Stgyi route because it’s at least really good for Strike towers

Pterovexus needs an overhaul to be sure, it should be the better hybrid path since it contains 2 epic ingredients.

Because Ludia listened to a certain whaleshark who suggested the swap-in dodge without thinking about that with the change, it would deal zero damage :roll_eyes:

All Vexus needed was lethal swoop.

So it could open distract, lethal swoop away.

Then you kamikaze crash it back into the field with the SIA so you put on a 50% HP loss for the enemy when you would lose a dino anyway.


Something like

Definite Strike
Distracting Rampage
Leathal Swoop
Long Dodge

Swap in evasion
Damage 1500


That’s broken and excessive, you literally gave it 4 improvements in one “buff”.

Well… I like Vexus


What about this?

Evasive Strike
Distracting Rampage
Lethal Swoop
Defense Shattering Impact (maybe)

Swap in Wound (.25)
Damage 1200

That way, it can take bits and pieces from all of its ingredients: Evasive from Galli, Rampage from Monolo, Immunity from Monomi/Galli, and decent damage to go with it. The health can stay at 3000, since the distracting will help with survivability.

Raven, for the first time in my life, I agree with you, it is true what metahub says, ludia considers it, while normal users, the population that we are, simply does not seem to matter, in any case, we would have to post with suggestions for metahub, because the exchange in evasion is not so good

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agree, But we need the null attack, maybe, lethal swoop and swap, the null attack x1.5, and the swap in evasion

And, this is my baby, 0 darwin :C


The damage should be 1520 then we’re good - makes friendly battles more diverse in damage numbers. Yes that also helps pterovexus.

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I don’t understand Swap-in evasion. It basically does nothing because you cannot rely on it to 100% dodge an attack. Why even create this move ? Just use swap in dodge instead.


What about:
1400 damage
Swap in Dodge
-Distracting impact
-Definitive Impact/Rampage
-Lethal Swoop

Needs a no-cooldown basic strike.

According to 1.7 release notes, Distraction(I wrote it wrong up there) is a basic strike, different from distracting strike, and has no cooldown. It’s just that no creature has it as of now.