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How is that a problem

Finding a good group is hard. Again i lefted a group because they didn’t like my comment.
Why is it doing a raid again a problem when you already done the raid. I mean you don’t get any more Dna from that boss. So it’s ok when people refuse the invite.
Would it be better for me to start i new alliance ?

If you’re in a team you need to be willing to help out.


There is no raid in which you can win alone … help is always needed … if they help you … why don’t you help others? … that will be an alliance … so I do not think you will find good company for stingy


I know you can’t win a raid on your own.
I know what i mean if no one understands than that’s up to them. I find an alliance now one i hope be good for me

You don’t seeing where the problem is, is the problem.

You have a raid invite yes. Go into the raid get the dna of the boss. Then a different person sends the same boss invite. I had the same person sending me the same invite after i helped them in the raid. One person demending people to join their raid in the comments. If i did that i would of got booted out. So i lefted after my comment