How is the damage calculated?


For example i had a fight with my Tyranno gen 1 (828 damage) vs a lvl 12 veloci. I chose the 1,5x dmg attack wich in my opinion is 828 x 1,5 -> enough to kill this bitch, and my tyranno attacks with 628 dmg Even less than the normal damage. !!!

Explenation please! Ive lost many battles cause the dmg wasnt as it should be, and im not talking about protection etc. just normal dinos without passive abilitys.


I assume the velociraptor used pounce, which reduces damage with 50%

828 x 1.5 = 1242
1242 x 0.5 = 621

Not exact the same as your numbers but close…


That’s not a mistake. After Pounce your dinosaur’s damage is cut in half. Welcome to the Raptor Hating Club.


Velociraptor ability pounce halves your attack for 1 turn. 828 / 2 = 414.
414 x 1.5 = 626.