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How is the Infinity Battle prize determinded?

I’m been level 90/doing Infinity Battles for about a week now.

I’m gotten:
4 Mystery packs
2 Common Hybrid packs
1 Rare Hybrid pack

And tomorrow is… you guessed it another Mystery pack!

Why so many Mystery packs?

And how is the prize determined? It is random? Is it partically based on your top dino ferocity?

Random with no line of sight to the percentages.


I would take a mystery pack anyday,considering that every little bit of resources help. But if they are very hard,they should reward just as much.

I think you should recieve a legendary pack atleast every 2 weeks

Unfortunately not going to happen.


Ok, so I’m unlucky so far.

I’ll report back in another week. :slight_smile:

Not really,that is what I think they should do,not really that you are receiving stuff at a irregular suggestion

And here you go, getting my hope’s up! :slight_smile:

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I’m going to miss going up against an Infinite Match like this soon, lots of paddocks getting full:

Was nice for a while, easier than some of the Battles Stages because those are matched according to your level.

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