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How is the opponent's strength in the Thawfest Arena calculated?

Hello everyone,

is there anyone who understands how the number shown in the selection of an opponent in the Thawfest Arena as his defense power is counted?

I chose the opponent with the 5996 written as his defense power (I mean the number next to the red shield in Find Opponent).

My total power of attacking dragons is 6012 and I lost the battle, which can easily happen.

Then I looked into the statistics of this lost battle and I don’t understand the numbers. See the attached image:

When I sum up the numbers for my dragons, I really get 6012 (green ellipse).
But when I sum up the numbers for my opponent’s dragons, I get 9115 (blue ellipse) - that’s far more than the 5996 listed.

I tried to get more information about this mismatch in the sum of dragons power from support, but they replied to me that they could not share this information…

If anyone understands this, can you please explain it to me?

Sorry for my English, hope I have described my question clearly - English is not my native language

Thank you

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I have placed this same topic a couple of times on the forum too, so far no response whatsoever. The number doesn’t seem to relate to anything! I think we should see the total that we will actually fight. @Marcus, @Ned any thoughts?

Displaying the total wouldn’t make any sense at all. (Right now the defense Bp number at least gives you an idea of how strong your team should be to be able to beat it, but if they were to display the total that definitely won’t be the case anymore and people would complain about the incredibly high BP teams they’d have to face)

I think the defense Bp is approximately the Total Bp of the dragons divided by 1.5 (at least in the case where you have 6 dragons on defense team)
9115/1.5 = 6077 (yeah i know its not exact, but i also fiddled a bit with my own team and division by 1.5 seems to be correct)

Now why do they divide the total by 1.5? This is probably because you aren’t facing all the dragons at the same time. You only face 3 at a time and when one of those gets defeated a new one joins the fight. (basically the number is there to take into account the disadvantages that the defending team has)

I’ve been curious about the numbers and just how accurate they are, myself. When the third season first started I got matched against someone at 6700 BP (I’m at 6200), and, being at my last reroll and being curious about their changes, said ‘hey what the heck lets see’, and beat them? Without any losses on my end? There was even a surprise Sawmaw in there.

But then, two battles later, I got utterly decimated by a team at 5400? As in I couldn’t defeat one. They took my entire team down in 2-3 basic hits. It was just a Toothless and a Skullcrown and an Anveil. Basic dragons.

I mean, I’ll easily accept I just didn’t do well, but the odds seemed a bit skewed when none of them even used a special attack, and I wasn’t able to get any of mine up to half spirit.


I have had something very similar, it’s difficult to know who you can win against this season. Sometimes I beat teams much higher than last season, over 6k and other times I lose to 5.4k teams - a little odd! I think I do badly if they have a toothless up around 2k .I now avoid teams with toothless above 1600. Course if he’s not in the first three, I won’t know!