How is the priority calculated when two creatures have different "Act First"?

How is the priority calculated when two creatures have different “Act First”?

When with my “rajakylosauro” I activate the “Instant Invincibility” and my opponent has a Paramoloch and uses his “Instant Charge” he always hits me. If I survive, my shield will work the next turn, that is, my invincibility will be one turn delay.

Is there a rule between the different “Instant” or is it simply the rule of the first click? If this is the last I am lost because I always lose (100% of the time I have faced my Monomimus of 19 other Monomimus of 19, my opponent hits before both turns, regardless of how fast I go, maybe because of the speed from my phone).

It depends on the speed of the respective creature and if the speeds are the same then it’s a click first situation!

On an Act first tie it goes speed, then level, then (I think rarity came back), then how fast you click.

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Ok, then I understand that:

Anyone will hit my Rajakylosauro before he deploys his shield.

Monomimus and Indoraptor will activate their cloak before Paramoloch hits them.

It has its logic.

By the way, what I’ve never seen logical is that having my shield of invulnerability put my rival not hit me but instead stun me. Does not hit me but instead stun me? Very logical does not seem. The same thing happens with bleeding. I do not understand that if the shield has avoided the blow, on the other hand it has not prevented the bleeding … but, well, it’s just a matter of rules.

In the last update they adjusted it so that no shield protects from bleeding to try to make the dinosaurs with those abilities more relevant. Due to the fact that everything and its mother can cleanse, that didn’t work (but they’re addressing that soon it seems)

With the bleeding has a certain logic “I have not hit you but I have bitten you” but with the stun they have less “I have not hit you but I have stuned you”, it is strange.