How is the situation of each arena now?

I can tell that around Early aviary is kinda full of level 26+ tanks and Spinotasuchus with some level 23-26 Uniques. as for ver 1.5 changes a lot of things from 1.4 ver. how’s the situation of each arena currently?

I used to derank to badlands twice in ver.1.4 and realized that i started to fight against legendaries around lockdown. (occasionally in badlands) if i recalled correctly there are some kind like;

overleveled Stegosaurus, velociraptor and some level 12+ Epic
starting to face up to L16 I.rex, Stegodeus, paramoloch and those from badlands
Sorna marches (3000 - 3999 trophies)
it was 1000 trophies to get to the next arena so all opponent teams were mostly legendaries with indoraptor or overleveled Ankylocodon (occasionally)
Jurassic Ruins (4000 - 4999 trophies)
suffering from Monominus dodging, Superiority strike of level 24+ Stegodeus, face up with 2 Unique per battle sometimes.
Lockwood Estate
face up to level 26+ Stegodeus, Mononimus and level 24+ Indoraptor all the times.

so… what’s going now. Are there anything change of each arena? well, I’m just curious.

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I’m in the early ruins (3500/600) and yes, legendaries goes from lvl 16 to 20 (based of the rarity of the components) and a lot of overleveled stuff (yesterday I had to fight against a level 17 Charlie and 19 Allosaur lol). For me, team variety is the base :joy: Not a lot of unique by the way,
only indoraptor sometimes but at the base level)

level 17 Charlie in ruins? Wow, War really has changed :joy:


I’m not familiar this kind of scene at all! the opponent should be level 24+ Stegodeus! :joy::joy:

but you surely took the photo, eh. that’s hilarous! hahaha

I have enjoyed the 4100 mark for a while now. Most people are getting all Legendary teams at 18/20, Indo at 21/22, Indom 20, Stegod 21 - 23 and 20 – 22 VRaptor. Many still have level 18 - 21 Epic and some Rare on their team. I do not see any other Unique and mostly the meta Legendary.

I have noticed a nice change up with 1.5. Many folks battling with variety teams, or non meta teams. It appears to be higher level players dropping down to have fun. I battled the all SIA team, long necks, all 22 – 25 common, a nice variety some people are battling with.